Google Shopping Campaigns 101 – S1 E9

Sally and Kevin break down what shopping campaigns are, how to improve your ads to display higher, and what every CMO or business owner needs to know whether managing AdWords internally or with an agency.

5 Ways to De-Stress Working in a Digital World – S1 E8

We all know stress can take its toll. Sometimes, we wait until it’s too much to do something about it. We’ve re-enacted 5 stressful scenarios. And we also included 5 ways you can de-stress. Snapchat: LuccaAllaModa Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:

To Troll or Not to Troll?

Being online on social media is a whole other world. People are different online than they are in person. Depending on the social network people act a different way too. They say and post different things, some that they would never say or post in real life or with friends watching. That brings us to … Continued

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