3 Things Not To Do On Your Website, Seriously – S1 E17

Paid links, spinning content, and cloaking are big no no’s for your website and only get worse when you are sending large amounts of organic or paid traffic to a website using these tactics. Learn more about what these 3 no no’s are, why they are bad and what you should do instead to have … Continued

What’s an SSL Certificate and Why Do I Need It? – S1 E16

Have you noticed that when you visit certain websites on Chrome, there’s a display that says, “Not Secure”? Chrome is now labeling any website without an SSL (HTTPS in the address bar) as not secure. Find out what that means with Sally and Abby!   Watch this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTIUg4UQr1g   Website: https://www.luccaam.com/the-humm/ Snapchat: LuccaAllaModa … Continued

Can an ethical company exist and be profitable?

Anyone can tell you money is the lifeblood of any company. There’s always plenty of money out there to go get. In business, there are a lot of ways to grow profits including some pretty low and easy ways. It’s easy to lie or deceive. To dupe people into thinking they need a solution that … Continued