Facebook Reduces Ad Space in Mobile News Feed

In August 2019, Facebook made a pretty big change to how ads will display in their mobile News Feed. Less Space For Advertisers Facebook has changed their mobile News Feed ad format to reduce the amount of text shown. According to Facebook, “Now only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News … Continued

Google Ads Removes Avg. Position Column

It’s no surprise when Google makes a sudden change in one of their platforms because it happens all the time. This change, however, has me asking bigger questions behind the ‘Why?’ and what that could mean not just for Google Ads, but for rankings in the Google search results.   Average position sunset begins the … Continued

5 Key Steps in a Successful Online Sale Campaign

Inventory been sitting around for too long? Looking to clear stock for a new product? Need to generate quick cash for your business? Special holiday coming up? All of these are reasons to launch an attractive sale campaign to generate new sales and attract more business to your eCommerce store. As online shopping has become … Continued

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