Why Your Designer Shouldn’t Design Your Website to Your Liking

Brick and mortars are designed through years of studying placement, target market, and tests to ensure that all items on the floor have the highest chance of being purchased. Did you know that candy is readily available to purchase around checkout lines, and placed at children’s eye level so they’ll ask their parents for said … Continued

How Does Covid Effect Your Shipping Times – S1 E33

For this episode join host Liiko Willis as he sits down with Brian Miller, CEO of Easy China Warehouse to understand the impact that the Corona Virus has had on supply chain management. Get a detailed understanding of how China has responded to the pandemic, how shipping times are being affected, and other valuable insights … Continued

Email Template Asking for Reviews

Did you know Google made reviews a very weighted factor in ranking? It’s not only important for companies to have reviews for Google to rank them well, but it’s obviously important for the end-user to see what real people are saying. And make sure it’s real people, or Google will make sure you pay the … Continued

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