Operating a Business Through a Crisis

During challenging times, it seems only natural to think of the worst case scenarios, but for all that humanity has gone through, we’ve come out of it and gotten stronger. It’s important for each of our businesses, and in our personal life, to reach out and help one another, whether it be as a listening … Continued

Magento 1 End of Life: Upgrade Options

Magento which is owned by Adobe had made it clear that Magento 1 will no longer be supported by the company at the end of June 2020. If your website is currently running Magento 1, it’s important to have a path forward. Magento powers a high percentage of all eCommerce stores. This is a double … Continued

Using Social Proof for your Shopify and BigCommerce Store

Social proof is the idea that someone will match their behavior to what others are doing because they assume that is the correct behavior. Social proof is highly effective marketing tactic and it can drive more sales while building confidence in your products. Essentially there are 6 major types of social proof. Customers: social proof … Continued