3 Powerful Tips for Google’s New Insights & Trends Feature

Google released the “Insights” feature in their Google Ads platform towards the end of 2020. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry. It’s still in Beta but is rolling out to everyone soon. Where is the Insights feature? Log into your Google Ads account and you will find the Insights tab in the legend … Continued

What the funnel?!

In my world of PPC where I specialize in running Google Ads and Social Ads, I hear the term “funnel” all the time. For those that are beginners in the PPC world or business owners trying to understand more about how to maximize their ads, they hear “funnel” and the immediate reaction is usually… via … Continued

Email Template Asking for Reviews

Did you know Google made reviews a very weighted factor in ranking? It’s not only important for companies to have reviews for Google to rank them well, but it’s obviously important for the end-user to see what real people are saying. And make sure it’s real people, or Google will make sure you pay the … Continued

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