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  • SEO

The results

  • +20%

    Month over month traffic increase by an average

  • +200%

    In goal conversions in the first 30 days of implementation

  • +24%

    Months straight of ranking #1 for focus keyword


Increase organic traffic and beat out a competitor

Atlas Language Services had a similarly named competitor that was ranking above them in Google search results which lead to some of their leads going to their competitor instead. They needed to outrank their competitor and leverage Google to organically increase traffic to their website.

They also had an aging website that was not showing their full capabilities as a language translation and interpretation company and were missing out on leads from potential clients in other languages due to the website only being available on English.

The Solution

Becoming #1


Within the first 30 days of implementation, we doubled their conversion goals. Within the first year of our SEO services, Atlas Language Services took over their competition and gained the #1 rank for their targeted keyword. With continued efforts, we have been able to retain their #1 ranking for 2 years straight. Their traffic also continues to grow at an average of 20% month over month.

Website Redesign

We designed and developed a modern website that showcased Atlas Language Service’s full capabilities as an internationally trusted partner for heads of government, celebrities, and corporations. We also built 3 different language variations of the website for the user to choose which allows Atlas Language Services to show their skill in translation and to provide a native language experience for English, Español, Português readers.


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