Lakeside Arts Park

Lakeside Arts Park works to enrich lives with art in McHenry County with an emphasis on youth and seniors, by providing high-caliber arts experiences that promote creativity, bring people together, inspire success, and impart positive values.
Lakeside Arts Park - Nonprofit Website

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The Challenge

Modernize and Preserve History

Lakeside Arts Park hosts artists of all kinds with studio space, exhibits and shows. Their website was aging and could no longer meet the growing needs of their organization. From connecting the community with artists to donations and ticket purchasing, a more robust solution wasn’t just desired, it was required. The mission of Lakeside Arts Park is to preserve and protect the Dole Mansion and Lakeside Arts Park property for community use in a natural and historic setting. To modernize the online presence while showcasing the history of the Dole Mansion and property required a proper balance.

Lakeside Arts Park - Nonprofit Website
The Solution

An experience with a modern twist

Building a new experience that focused on the many events going at the Dole Mansion and educating new visitors about the impact Lakeside has on artists and the local community led the focus for the website. Offering a section to showcase the interesting history of the Dole Mansion provides a space to preserve history and educate a new generation. A robust online ticketing system and donation form enables the community to purchase tickets with ease and donate towards the mission of the organization. Together, Lakeside Arts Park has a website that can grow with their needs, drive in new revenue to support their causes and offer a place for learning.

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