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Stop & Go is a tried and true name in the motorcycle industry for more than 35 years as the standard in tire repair with the Tire Plugger. To reach where and how consumers are shopping today, Lucca Alla Moda embarked on a complete website redesign reinforced with SEO and social media efforts.
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
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The results

  • +94%

    Increased Traffic

  • +134%

    Increased Users

  • +48%

    Increased Pageviews


A changing audience

The age rang of motorcycle owners is changing and how they buy has changed even more. In addition, Stop & Go is engaging with a growing market of RV owners as well as automotive, ATV, scooter, golf cart, and mowers owners. To connect with a large demographic of shoppers with one eCommerce store, a new experience and way of solving the customers need must be rethought.

Stop & Go Tire Plugger - eCommerce Website
The Solution

Choosing to inform over sell

Lucca Alla Moda started from scratch by thinking about how to connect with the shopper. What are they looking for? What are their pain points? How will they view the tire plugger? Instead of pushing a selling experience, the new website offers more education. Explaining the difference about the mushroom plugs versus traditional tire repair methods. Depending on the users’ vehicle, Stop & Go provides a recommendation based on the best product for their needs, how it’s reviewed by customers and price.

For SEO, we were able to implement SEO tactics, content, reviews and much more for the product name he was already strong in, but more over to apply those tactics to new search phrases that were not being used. Some of these examples include instructional information, media and video for “how to’s” from installation, to general questions about fixing a flat tire. Becoming educated and involved in the community, gave us continued information and ideas to grow our strategies. These efforts resulted in a dramatic increase from website traffic and pageviews, to new customers and ultimately…more sales. Since launch, we’ve seen orders double, revenue increase by 64% and new customers by 69%.

Social media for Stop & Go was used to build awareness for the regular everyday consumer using organic reach and paid ads. By providing education on all things tires, vehicles, and products as well as upcoming events, it created more of a relationship with consumers than just a one-stop shop. Adding a customer service aspect to social also builds on the relationship and makes Stop & Go more accessible to the consumer.

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