3 Reasons You Didn’t Know Why Your Company Absolutely Needs Call Tracking

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by Sally Benson, Digital Marketing Manager on Oct 11, 2021 / Perspective

It was an interesting turn of events. Picture it: Client has call tracking for advertising. Client is receiving conversions. And then suddenly, something unexpected occurred causing the client to use call tracking in a completely different way. Check it out…

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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is literally just that. Your company gets calls and they are tracked by some or all of the following: caller id with the name and phone number, date and time the call came in, a recording of the phone call, a way to tag the call as a lead for quick reference, and an area to take notes that attach to the call.

Why Does My Company Need Call Tracking?

Reason #1 – Advertising

If you’re running Google Ads (and you should be), your conversions can be many things. The most common are purchases, fill forms, and phone calls.

Google can track call conversions, but you’ll want to go one step further with call tracking. A service that records and logs these calls as mentioned above.

Reason #2 – Quality Control

Okay, so the rest of the story about that client I mentioned goes like this. They are currently advertising on Google as any smart company should be doing when they have the means, and the conversions they are tracking for are fill forms and phone calls.

As the conversions started coming in, I wanted to manually check in with the client just to make absolutely sure there were no issues in receiving these conversions. Never hurts to double and triple check things after a launch. However, when I logged into the call tracking platform we use, and listened to the first calls that came in, I was shocked.

The calls were from real, new customers needing service that would generate great revenue for the client, but the individuals answering those calls were, in a word, terrible. They treated the customers as if they were a complete bother for calling. They talked down to the customers and were downright rude.


The client had no idea this was happening before call tracking and it wasn’t just one call, it was a pattern. They were able to take these calls and address the situation with the team for a great training opportunity.

Who saw that coming?!

Reason #3 – Conversion Rate

When you have call tracking, you’re able to analyze your calls to understand things like how many calls you’re getting and how many convert.

Based off those numbers, you can decide if you have a healthy conversion rate, or if not, what can be done to adjust the call script to test for a higher ROI.


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