3 Social Media Tools You Barely Use

Perspective / Nov 10, 2016
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by Kitzia Picon Social Media & Content Marketing

3 Social media tools you barely use or might not have heard of:

Posting to social media sites isn’t as easy and straight-forward as you think. There are a few steps involved to get your posts to look just right and to get the engagement you’re looking for. That includes using these 3 social media tools, Twitter Validator, Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator, and the Facebook Sharing Debugger and Batch Invalidator.

Twitter Validator

The Twitter Validator makes sure that your tweets look a certain way. And there are different ways they can look. These different ways are called Twitter cards.

There are 4 different types of Twitter cards: Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, App Card, and Player Card.

Summary Card
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It shows the title, description, thumbnail, and the twitter account.

Summary Card with Large Image

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It’s like the summary card in terms of information. The only difference is that yup you guessed it, it displays a large image. This type of card is much more eye-catching than the regular summary card. It helps grab attention when people are scrolling fast through their feed.

App Card

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This type of card is focused on driving tweeters to install an application. It contains the link to whatever app store your phone uses to download the app shown on the card.

Player Card
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This card shows media such as video, audio, or gifs.

The great thing about these Twitter cards is that they can track and measure how they perform. Through Twitter card analytics, you can compare and measure which of the cards performed better. With that data, you then use the cards that best worked for you. No guessing game involved.

3 social media tools - web design in rockford

Twitter analytics also provides the number of clicks an URL received and how many retweets were made. Also, what content your followers are more interested in so then you can tailor your tweets to that.

3 social media tools - web design in rockford

To get each type of card to show up, you must enter HTML to the HEAD section of your page. Depending on the type you want, you can write a summary, summary_large_image, photo, gallery, product, app, or player.

3 social media tools - twitter html

If you use the YOAST SEO plug-in on WordPress just head to the Yoast section on your website and click on the social tab. Then under the twitter tab select enable under the “add Twitter card meta data” then there is a drop-down where you can choose a default card, either summary or summary with a large image. If you want a specific card, then you should go into the HEAD section and change the tags.

You use the card validator to check if the meta tags on your source work per the card type you desire.

Before submitting the link:

3 social media tools - twitter validator


3 social media tools - twitter validator

Using the right Twitter card will receive more impressions and more clicks on the URLs or the media you tweet.

Pinterest Validator

Pinterest has various way of posting pins and most of them deal with the size of the pins. But there’s also the validation of Rich Pins. Rich pins are pins that include extra information on the pin itself. Like Twitter cards, there are different types of Rich Pins. There’s App, Movie, Recipe, Article, Product, and Place Rich Pins.

Apps Pin

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App pins include an install button to download the app on the pin without leaving Pinterest.

Place Pin

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These pins include a map, address, and phone number of the business or venue.

Article Pin

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These include a headline, author, story description, which tell Pinterest users to find and save article useful to them.

Product Pin

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This pin provides real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy the product.

Recipe Pins

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The Recipe Pins provide all the information necessary to make the mouth-watering food you see on the pin. Ingredients, cooking times, and serving information are displayed.

Movie Pins

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Movie Pins include reviews, ratings, and cast member information to learn more about upcoming or new releases.

The way to get Rich Pins requires the same type of work that Twitter cards do. You’ll need to add a certain meta tag to your website. Pinterest has a great resource page on how to implement the Rich Pins to your website here. Once all the back-end work is done, you can submit the URL you want to display as a Rich Pin to the Pinterest Validator.

Pinterest provides step by step help within their validator than Twitter does.

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This is just a portion of the results of the validator. But again, it provides more information than Twitter which is helpful when you want to adjust or fix anything on your pin before posting.

3 social media tools - pinterest - seo companies

Last but not least, the Facebook Debugger and Batch Invalidator.

Facebook Sharing Debugger and Batch Invalidator

Sharing Debugger

When you want to know how your post will show up on the News Feed you use the Sharing Debugger to see the information.

The Sharing Debugger comes in handy when your content isn’t showing up as it should or as you have formatted. If you insert a link to the status update section and it doesn’t generate the following image, you can go into the Sharing Debugger to have it debugged. If everything in the back end is correct, a new version should populate.

These are different ways that the Facebook content will publish. To borrow the term from Twitter, the summary card with the large image is what you usually see and does much better than the smaller or no picture post.


3 social media tools - rockford seo


3 social media tools - rockford seo

Batch Invalidator

The Batch Invalidator is used to invalidate cached, or previous, versions of the URL you want to share so that when clicked on, it takes users to the newest version. This tool allows for multiple URLs to be refreshed at the same time, saving time.

3 social media tools - facebook batch

These 3 social media tools are all used for similar reasons. They make sure that the content you want to share is showing correctly and provides feedback to fix it if it’s not. Use these tools to have a uniform feel across all your channels and to get the most out of your content.

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