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Perspective / Jan 27, 2017
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by Sally Baker Digital Marketing Manager

AdWords – Let’s do this…

*Google AdWords has now changed to Google Ads. Any reference to AdWords is a reference to Google Ads*

If you’re a business owner – or working for one – and doing research on Google AdWords, you’re in the right place. I’m going to continue as if I’m talking to the business owner…you.

Okay…so you own your business. Got it. ✓
And…you know Google. Obviously. ✓
Then…you start to notice all these ads of your competitors. ✓
Now…you’re thinking you, “Should I be doing this?” Yes. ✓

You own your own business. You know more about that than me. But, I know something you don’t know…GOOGLE! I’m not talking ‘knowing’ Google as far as ‘what it is’ and ‘how you use it.’ No, I’m talking the in’s and out’s of Google that you don’t see. An abyss of twists and turns all wrapped into the incredibly complex and genius algorithm that makes it all work. And to know Google AdWords – to run a successful Ad Campaign – you have to really “know” Google.

If you’re running your business and doing a Google AdWords Campaign all on your own, I can promise you that your campaign is not reaching the full potential of success that your ad dollars deserve. What to do? Hire a professional. In-house or agency? Let’s look at the differences below… (The free tools are coming right after that!)

Hiring – In-House vs. Agency

It’s one thing to decide that you’re ready to pull the trigger on running an AdWords Campaign, but it’s another when it comes to the execution of who is going to build it, manage it, maintain it, report on it and drive success to it. You’re at a crossroads. Give the task to a current employee? If you read the above, you will already know why that is a bad idea. Hire a new employee that is Google Certified to run it? A possibility. Hire an agency to take care of it? Another possibility. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons…

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency

  • Proven Success
  • Affordability – Lower Cost
  • Certified by Google
  • No benefits (health/medical) needed
  • Access to multiple capabilities of agency for new ideas in the digital world.

Benefits of in-house staff

  • Face-to-Face Management
  • Choice of Hire – Industry Expertise
  • Management Accountability

Make sense? Okay, great. Now, on to the free stuff!

Google AdWords Tools You Can Use…Right Now

adwords google keyword planner tool - rockford seo

This handy-dandy tool is perfect when you have a lot of Campaigns, need to do things in ‘bulk’ and my personal favorite…be able to manage your campaigns offline. I’ll even give you the YouTube video from Google to explain more…

You’ll love this. Go to the tool, put in a location of your choice and enter a keyword or phrase to search, and boom! You will see live results of current ads that are running for that keyword or phrase.

google adwords preview tool - rockford seo


So…why am I sharing all this free stuff to help you with your AdWords? Believe it or not, I care. I care about our clients and their ad dollars. I don’t work to sell my services, I work to champion my services. Try me…get a free AdWords audit below, and I will give you more free tips for your Ad Campaigns. I do this to show you honestly, how a single AdWords Campaign truly is larger than you could have imagined. Google will make it ‘easy’ for you to do on your own, but you will very ‘easily’ be throwing your ad dollars into an abyss of searchers who – for the most part – are not your targeted audience.

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