The Humm Episode 2

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by Kitzia Picon, Social Media & Content Marketing on Mar 9, 2018 / Perspective

In the second episode of the Humm, Kevin and Abby talk about how creatives/designers can get hired by a design agency.

Kevin as the founder and owner of Lucca AM is in charge of the hiring process. Abby as a designer with Lucca AM went through the process of applying for a position with the Lucca AM. Both talk about their perspectives on the application/hiring process.

The Humm Episode #2 Key Points:

  • Time Travel
    • Something that Abby wishes she did while in school is staying up to date with the industry and its trends.
    • If you’re in school right now, check out Dribbble, Co.Design, and Adweek. These sites offer various examples and news on what is working in the industry right now and where it is going. Knowing this information when you graduate will help you in getting hired. Agencies need to know what works now, not 1 or 2 years ago.
    • Design evolves and you should too.
  • Inspiration
    • You learn how to use PhotoShop or Illustrator. Now you are able to create your own project but if you get stuck, look at designers that inspire you and learn any new methods that they might have implemented.
  • Hiring Advice
      • Design your own resume. It’s the first impression both visually and technically.
      • Make it clean and appealing.
      • Don’t have a big portfolio of work? Show what you can do, what your style is with your resume.
        • Create faux products for brands. Create faux business cards. Whatever the agency you are applying to specializes in, create that. They want to know if you can do the line of work that they are in.
      • Layouts, white space, fonts, and colors. Can you use them correctly?
      • Don’t like what’s in your portfolio? Take it out.
  • Everyone is Nitpicking
    • Padding, font, layout, all the small things that you can see instantly, matters.

Do you have any questions? Need examples? Head to our Work section for inspiration. You can also send us a DM or a snap! Whatever is most comfortable for you.


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