The Humm Episode 4

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by Kitzia Picon, Social Media & Content Marketing on May 24, 2018 / Perspective

Why Mobile Speed For Your Website Matters


You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again now because it really does matter. If your website is not fast at loading, people will not visit your site. Especially true for the mobile speed of your site. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and that’s what they use first to check things out. In 2016, mobile surpassed desktop traffic. We are in 2018 so you can imagine where most of the traffic is coming from now.

Google will start implementing a mobile ranking in July. There is talk that Google has already started implementing it on some sites.

The Humm Episode #4 Key Points:

Ranking Factor

  • Mobile page speed will be a huge determining factor in rankings on Google.
  • The faster it loads the better Google likes your website.
  • Desktop speed ranks one way and mobile another, even if it’s mobile responsive.

Ways to Prepare

  • Optimize the images you are loading via desktop.
  • Make sure the picture you are uploading is not 4 or 5 megabytes. Having the file size under 250 kilobytes or even 200 is a best practice.
  • Make sure your web hosting is of good, top quality. If your website hosting is affordable or at a price that is almost too good to be true, it’s probably because it is. They are putting your website with hundreds of others on one server.
  • Cache is another thing that that can be implemented to increase speed.


  • AMP pages cut down on the page load time. You’ve probably seen a little lighting icon on certain news posts in search. That means it’s an AMP page. And you’ve probably also seen how fast they load.

AMP - mobile speed

How do you test your page speed? 

That’s the easy part. Head to PageSpeed Insights and submit your website link.



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