Three Benefits of Landing Pages

by Cristian Pacheco, on Oct 7, 2021 / Perspective

Landing pages are a great way to grow your business and discover what connects and converts for your business. As we’ve mentioned in other perspectives, having a website is like having a storefront. Your website is where people can learn about your business, get information on products and services, and see case studies that validate what you do. A landing page does the same but with one hyper-focused goal to entice people to fill out forms, give a call, send an email, or other ways of connecting with your business. The idea of a landing page is to run specific campaigns that funnel visitors to your business, in other words, generating powerful leads.

Why do I need a landing page?

One of the most common questions we get when we offer landing pages is, “Why do I need a landing page when I already have a website that sells?” The answer to this is simple. A website is a holistic strategy that involves multi-levels to the strategy. A good web design plans around the actions you want visitors to take, uses a simple navigation system that is easy to browse, has a proper structure so readers engage with all content, and uses strategies to get the website discovered online.

On the other hand, landing pages have a simpler approach where we plan around a specific goal. A landing page is a single web page that has carefully planned content designed to guide the visitor to specific call-to-actions that generate leads or for other marketing purposes. The biggest difference between your website and a landing page is the ability to eliminate all the different paths that visitors can take. The biggest advantage to this is that you can control where the visitor will land, what content they’ll read and interact with, and give them one specific call-to-action to respond to. This is the biggest value of having landing pages, being able to create specific messages that will connect with the audience you’re looking to reach.

If that alone isn’t a good reason to try out landing pages, below are 3 key benefits of having landing pages as part of your e-commerce strategy:

  1. Landing pages increase conversion rates.
  2. Landing pages help test markets and support business goals.
  3. Landing pages provide valuable data and insight.

Benefit 1: Landing pages increase conversion rates.

Great websites are designed to influence visitors to purchase. This can be done through proper product images, enticing headings, valuable descriptions, and other ways of connecting with potential buyers. All the content on a website can lead the visitor to several actions such as purchasing a product, learning about the brand, information about the products/service, reading case studies, and other valuable actions that turn visitors into customers. With landing pages, it narrows down the call-to-action to one central focus, thus increasing the conversion rate for that particular action.

Landing pages can become a key part of your e-commerce strategy to sell top sellers, promote deals, increase brand awareness, and other specific conversion goals for your business. By creating a web page that leads the visitor to one specific action, you are more likely to see an increase in conversions. The content on the landing pages should support the action to motivate visitors to take the extra step. This can be fill-forms to get lead information, purchase buttons, subscriptions for email marketing, and other ways of increasing revenue and exposure.


benefits of a landing page

Benefit 2: Landing pages help test markets and help achieve business goals.

One of our favorite things about landing pages is the relatively low cost for testing market entry for niches you’re looking to go after. We say low cost because it has a lot of the values a website offers but without the major costs of design and development of a full website. Once you have a website, landing pages can be a great way of creating campaigns that target new markets and makes it easier to evaluate market potential. This can help achieve business goals that involve growth such as: added revenue, brand exposure, and new markets.


On top of testing markets, landing pages can be great A/B tests to try different messaging, images, and ways of connecting with your target market. As mentioned above, landing pages have a central focus which helps evaluate specific results. This can be advantageous to your business as you can change and adapt to the market as you see how the landing pages perform. Always remember learning your audience is a process that takes careful testing and analytics.


benefits of landing pages - a/b testing

Benefit 3: Landing pages provide valuable data and insight.

Having data is like having the answers to life. No really, it’s what allows you to know what is and isn’t performing for your business. Having landing pages allows a business to test and gather analytics on campaigns, content, call-to-actions, messaging, products, and more. All this data lets the business know which channels are most profitable, what type of messaging is connecting with customers, what type of deals get the most sales, what products sell the most, and many other important insights that allow you to make smart business decisions.

Remember, landing pages have one central focus and one action for the visitor to take. This is how you can obtain valuable information that can help you discover new markets, narrow down on a current target audience, and establish new business goals that are backed by data. Knowing how to structure your landing pages can give your business a powerful research tool.

Another way landing pages provide insight is by A/B testing. This is where you can duplicate campaigns and change the messaging to see what connects the most with visitors. By keeping the design the same and the wording different, you are testing what tone and messaging leads to more engagement and purchases. The same can be done with testing images vs. videos, trying different styles, testing different actions, and other elements that need more insight.


landing page data


Landing pages can add so much value to your business whether you are looking to increase your conversion rates, support your business goals, or help provide valuable data. A landing page may just be what your eCommerce business needs to stay one step ahead of your competitors.


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