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by Cristian Pacheco, on Jul 19, 2018 / Perspective

At this point, the world knows how limitless the web can be. This is true for businesses as the internet and social media have given us many resources/tools to market, sell, and analyze our products and services. Better yet, we have the creative freedom to develop unique content that would be otherwise difficult to put out in the real world. Naturally, we take the possibilities of the web and go full out trying to sell our products and our companies. This has led to very passionate ways of writing web copy, unfortunately, it also starts to get to be too long for people to care –just like this paragraph. (Most people probably just skipped all this and went into the tips, if you’re reading this you’re a trooper.)

Here Are 3 Tips To Write Better Web Content

1. Write an elevator pitch and then cut it in half

It may sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is that people on the web are on missions. Reading web copy is hardly ever their goal, what they want to do is find what they’re looking for fast and easy.  This means you have a fraction of time to capture their attention and send across your message. Make sure all your important points come first and make it clear. Here’s a checklist to help you write your web content:

  • Do you have clear headlines that communicate what you’re about to talk about? (Make sure these are enticing but short and to the point)
  • Does your website have clear page titles so that visitors know what page they’re on? (expect visitors to land on any page on your website at any given time)
  • Do you have blocks of text or bullet points that are easy to scan?

If your website has a lot of text copy, find the unnecessary words you don’t need and cut those. Take that new copy and cut the copy that’s left in half again.

2. Stay Away from Creative and Clever Writing

This probably feels like the opposite advice, especially coming from a creative agency. Truth is, creative writing leads to wordy and unfamiliar written copy. Writing things in a clever way requires people to think (remember point 1? Elevator pitch cut in half!). If visitors are spending more time trying to figure you out they’re going to spend even less time shopping.

In short, write as if you’re writing for a child. This will help keep things simple, easy, and to the point.

3. Pick the Easy Words

Some of us took simple words and used a thesaurus to find us a word that would make us sound smarter in our essays. To write web copy, it’s the complete opposite. Think about your way of searching the web, if you’re looking for good clothes do you search “premium clothing garments”? Probably not, you’re probably searching “high-quality shirts” or something similar. Writing your web copy with familiar words makes it easier for people to understand your message and follow what your selling.

See The Difference Yourself

The web ads below are promoting the same running shoe and the same message. The only difference is the way the features are presented. Out of the two, which one grabbed your attention faster and which one did you read?


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