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Perfect Pasta needed a new website that would show off its multiple lines of Italian pasta products and deserts, market their co-packing services and help customers find store locations where their products could be purchased.

We started with a clean slate for the new website and design. We focused on the tradition of hand made pasta and filled the website with more visual shots of their products as opposed to their previous design which was more text heavy. We added a store locator using Google Maps that allows customers to find stores near them by entering their address and selecting a distance radius.

Perfect Pasta was also able to reduce costs and give more editing power to their staff with the new content management system Lucca Alla Moda built the website on top of.

In the end, Perfect Pasta has a website that better represents their company, offers tools that delivers useful information to their visitors and empowers their staff to maintain the website and reduce costs.


  • Content Management
  • Google Maps Store Locator
  • Lightbox Picture View for Products

About Perfect Pasta

Our mission is to produce the finest quality pasta and gourmet foods with the highest degree of customer service.  It is this constant attention to excellence and service that has driven us to excel for over 20 years.  Our customers enjoy authentic products and unique flavors created especially for them.  Perfect Pasta products are made with only the finest quality ingredients and manufactured under the watchful eye of skilled pasta makers.

Our motivation is to provide you with the best premium products and the individualized customer service reminiscent of the market vendors of old Italy.  We are the premier purveyor of gourmet pasta across the United States and have grown in many capacities over the years.  We combine traditional techniques with modern technology to retain the natural flavors of our pasta and are able to produce the finest quality of fresh pasta known worldwide.

Our experienced development team will work with your proprietary recipes and specifications to produce your specialty products.  Because of our automated production and packing systems, we can produce up to 5,000 pounds of fully cooked and prepared meals per hour.  The investment in our technology allows us to be a preferred food service provider for gourmet restaurants, five star hotels, rail and airlines, and club warehouses.

Perfect Pasta operates in a full service manufacturing plant in Addison, IL.  We are an FDA, USDA and HACCP approved facility.  Our highly advanced and precision production lines undergo strict quality control tests daily by our team of expert quality assurance employees and government officials.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority.  We understand that it is because of our customers that our pasta products are second to none.

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