Dorr Township

Dorr Township

“I immensely enjoyed working with Kevin. He was exceedingly prompt in communication. He worked to satisfy each of our departments in what each wanted. Kevin’s work is high quality, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He made the web design process painless for our organization and I couldn’t ask for more!”

– Kelli Myers, Dorr Township Assessor

The Challenge

Dorr Township was looking for a more user-friendly website for its community and an easier website for their staff to maintain. In the past, Dorr Township only had one staff member who was trained to maintain an out-dated and hard to manage website using FTP and a website editor software program. The township needed a system that would allow anyone in the office to easily maintain the website.

For the front-end of the website, the township needed an easier to use website that had a fresh look. A unified calendar that was easy for the staff to maintain and one location that the community could go to for all of the townships events was necessary.

The Solution

Lucca Alla Moda developed an entirely new website using a modern content management system that allows any staff member to maintain the website from any computer with an internet connection. Now each of the individual offices within the township are capable of maintaining their sections with only a few clicks. Now everything from text and image changes to document management is easily accessible.

The design of the website needed to accommodate a large demographic. The township serves citizens of all ages and the design needed to be simple, clean and logical. The site uses the township’s classic blue color while the rest of the theme uses light and airy tones. The background has a slight contrasting color with dark tones to make the content stand out and the navigation bar has a high contrast black to white color scheme to easily located all of the necessary links.

Other features such as site wide search, a unified calendar and news section allows the community to easily find the information their looking for without having to spend unnecessary time looking through each page or calling the office.

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Dorr Township


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