Quantum Real Estate Advisors

Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

“Kevin exceeded our expectations with our new website. He worked very well with our office and I would highly recommend Kevin to all my family and friends. It took us a while to find a reliable and competent vendor and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

– Chad M. Firsel, President, Quantum Real Estate Advisors

About The Company

Based in Chicago, IL, Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is a team of closely knit, highly qualified consultants for buyers and sellers of income-producing commercial properties.

The Challenge

Quantum worked with Lucca Alla Moda to completely revamp their website as part of their re-branding. The new website needed to portray a high quality and modern feel while making it easy for buyers and sellers to learn about Quantum and find available properties.

Quantum Real Estate Advisors

The Work

Quantum offers a number of beautiful properties which gave us some great visuals to work with. We wanted the website to showcase properties which adds visual interest but with a purpose. Working closely with Quantum’s team, we created a design that focused on telling their story, showcases their properties and connects the visitor with their social media accounts.

The goal of the website was to focus on constant change. When a visitor returns to the website, we wanted them to find new and interesting content. On the homepage, we created a featured properties section near the top that always has new commercial properties available for sale. A news center shows the latest news and blog posts as well as activity on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. There is always something new to read and view when visiting Quantum’s website.

“Lucca Alla Moda made the redesign of our website seamless. The team was quick to respond and delivered on time and on budget. Kevin and his team made it very easy for us to voice our ideas and gave us wonderful suggestions and design. We have received many compliments on the new site since its debut.”

– Claire Pistek, Director of Marketing and Operations

A completely revamped Properties section was designed which pulls properties from Quantum’s system. A filter and search bar lets visitors easily find properties that fit the criteria they are shopping for. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM tracks users through a registration process that enables Quantum to connect with potential clients and provide accurate information for properties they are interested in. A For Sale page showcases recently sold properties and allows filtering by property type.

In the end, Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. has a new and modern website that provides true value to it’s visitors through property search features and information articles on any device.

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