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Senior Services

About Senior Services

Senior Services Associates, Inc. is a non-profit agency. They are dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of life for mature adults, persons with disabilities and their caregivers by providing access to the social services they need. Senior Services is dedicated to preserving their independence, promoting mental and physical well-being, and protecting their rights and dignity.

The Challenge

Senior Services used an aging website. The site being outdated, not optimized for mobile users, not user-friendly for visitors to find important information and difficult to maintain. They needed a complete overhaul that would benefit their staff, the seniors that utilize their services as well as the community.

Senior Services Associates

The Work

Starting with a clean slate, we began to sketch out a new vision of what Senior Services could look like. Most important, the design needed to focus on content. Senior Services serves several counties in Northern Illinois. What’s more, each office has unique events, news, and information to share with its community. In order to address this, we created landing pages for each location which offered their unique information. So, with a large amount of information for numerous locations, special attention needed to go to the homepage. It had to be a place that could quickly showcase some of the main events and announcements but also allow visitors to find news based on their location.

In the end, our solution was to have a slider which would showcase ongoing campaigns or news that impacts Senior Services as a whole. Below that we developed a customized filter for news and events. Visitors can quickly view all of the latest news and events or they can filter by location with one click. The previous website rarely updated the homepage. Also, secondary pages held event detail posts. When a visitor came to the website they would have no idea if new content was available since it was on a secondary page. Now, with the redesigned homepage, new content is always being published and the view rate for articles has increased dramatically.

In addition, we developed numerous other features for the website. Some these include user friendly forms and online donation options, as well as a “members only” section.

Today, however, Senior Services has a powerful new responsive website. What’s more, their new website acts as an information hub for a number of communities on numerous devices.

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