A new way to communicate and coordinate with your construction team

It’s time to gain control of how you manage your construction team across your jobs. 

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Who Is This For?

This service is for excavators and road construction companies that need a better way to manage jobs and communications with their crew.

Problems Our Platform Solves


Facing Chaos With Daily Work Schedules
With large crews and multiple projects, managing daily work schedules and communicating them with your team can be difficult and cost time and money on projects.

Struggling To Communicate With Your Crew 
Weather strikes, materials fail to deliver, projects change. Communicating change to your team is difficult and causing friction when schedules change.

Lacking Efficiency in Submitting Timesheets
With foremans on the job site, they are able to know who is working and for how long. Getting timesheets submitted for changing jobs and crews is a headache that takes time away from working on the project itself.

Lost Without Exportable Timesheet Reports 
Reduce extra work going from paper to digital and directly report all timesheets within the portal from any internet connected device. The timesheets can then be exported to CSV or Excel files.

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How Your Crew and Projects Will Benefit

Excavating and road construction companies face constant challenges and change that requires crews to be well informed. Our project manager is a web based solution that allows your team to have a central place of truth that shares communication, schedules and more to ensure their operating at their best.

Centralized Portal
Switch from multiple systems and paper processes to an online portal that gives your team the information they need to show up on the right jobs and track timesheets.

Daily Board
Easily create new daily work schedules for multiple jobs and crew members. Assign your responsible office, foreman and different crew members to each job and inform your team when new schedules are available via SMS text messages*.

Your foremen and crew responsible for entering timesheets can do it from the office or on the road by entering in who was at the job, their responsibilities and the time spent. It can even track regular and overtime hours. Once entered, your office team can run reports and export all of this information to CSV and Excel files.

SMS Communication*
Send SMS alerts to your team whether it’s to inform them that new daily schedules are now available for their viewing, that a job has changed or any custom message needs to get to your team efficiently.

*SMS functionality requires a paid Twilio SMS account.

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Increase Efficiency and Communication In Your Projects

Having clear communication between your office, foreman and crews is vitally important to keep projects on budget and on time. Benefit from having a central online portal that lets your team have all the latest information from any internet connected device.


Additional Features

Employee Roles
Safety Agreements
List PDF Job Plans
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Central Location
Equipment Repair Request Form
Incident/Accident Report Form
Employee Directory

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