By Abby Corn

Design Ads that Work for eCommerce

eCommerce is flooded with ads on hundreds and thousands of products. In order to compete with all the other eCommerece brands, the ad design for products has to be the best out there. A quick design or template is not … Continued

design ads for ecommerce
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By Kitzia Picon

Snap to Store, Snapchat Sharing Insights

A previous Perspective post broke down the relationship between advertisers and Snapchat. Now, Snapchat will be giving advertisers more analytics on how their ads are doing to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortars. This has stemmed from the ever growing copy-cat game … Continued

By Sally Baker

13 SEO Terms for Beginners

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing field. If you have no previous knowledge or have only heard a small amount of what SEO is, these terms will give you an idea of just how vast SEO really … Continued

By Kevin Lucca

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Let’s start this with the obvious, shall we? Running a business is hard. Every company regardless of their size has its own battles to contend with. For a small business, this pain is felt by the … Continued

By Sally Baker

6 SEO Tips for Website Design

6 SEO Tips for Website Design That Google and Bing Love When it comes to designing a website, the last thing on developers or designers minds is how it will impact SEO. You want your website to reach page one … Continued

6 seo tips
By Kevin Lucca

“About Us” Behind-the-Scenes of Your Business

“About Us” As a user, the first place you are most likely to visit on a website is the About Us page. Only a small percentage of visitors know your company. That means that this section is the most important. … Continued

By Sally Baker

4 Tools to Use in Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a daunting terrain. So many clickable things, you don’t know where to start! If you’ve managed to set up the console without any headaches, here are 4 tools you can use in Google Search Console to … Continued

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By Kitzia Picon

3 Ways to Get The Most Out of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Facebook ads take some time to understand and even more so to set up. Even after set up, they take constant monitoring and adjusting. These are 3 ways to get the most of Facebook ads. Facebook is different … Continued

By Abby Corn

What Do Designers Get Wrong? These 10 Terms

Design Terms It feels like there are new design terms every day. So it’s understandable that there is some confusion with terms. So I’m here to help clear up any confusion! You’ll know exactly what each design term means the … Continued

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