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Many eCommerce businesses struggle to navigate the complexities of Google Ads campaigns, seeking to optimize their online advertising and digital marketing strategies. Balancing the intricacies of effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including keyword targeting and ad optimization, with the demands of keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates, evolving market trends, and competitor strategies is daunting. Finding a reliable partner who excels in Google Ads management and understands the nuances of eCommerce marketing is equally challenging. We have encountered these scenarios firsthand and have listened to numerous accounts from our clients, who faced these obstacles before partnering with us. The reality often falls short in a landscape filled with self-proclaimed “gurus” and agencies that promise substantial growth but lack the seasoned expertise in targeted ad placements, search engine marketing (SEM), and eCommerce PPC campaigns, leading to financial losses, wasted efforts, and dwindling hope among business owners.

Our team of PPC management experts specializes in scaling businesses in the digital marketplace, primarily through Google Ads optimization. We act as true partners, deeply invested in your success. Our approach includes comprehensive analytics and monthly reporting that provides a transparent overview of our performance and the tangible results we’re achieving for you regarding click-through rates, conversion optimization, and ROI. We prioritize listening to your needs and crafting strategies that align with your goals, blending our extensive experience with thorough market research. This combination ensures that our tactics are tailored to your business and informed by the latest trends and best practices in eCommerce advertising and search engine optimization (SEO).

You’ve put tremendous effort into growing your business — that’s quite an understatement, right? We understand the dedication it takes. That’s precisely why we take our role as your partner seriously. Our team is committed to aiding you in achieving your objectives, leveraging our collective experience in Google Ads strategy, keyword research, and SEM. Your success is intrinsically linked to ours, so let’s embark on this journey together. It’s time for you to have a PPC partner who is genuinely supportive and dedicated to your cause.

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We have scaled our clients’ Google Ads campaigns month over month when they trust us to daily manage their account and when we see it’s time to increase budgets.

This is an example of one client’s success over the last year. We were able to take this account from converting a few hundred thousand a year, to $1.8 million the year before last, and now to $2.7 million in the last year. By the time we reach $1 million in ad spend a year, we’re project to obtain a conversion value of $3.5 million.

Why are we different? We don’t just increase budgets! We build, maintain, adjust after intensive analysis, and wash, rinse, repeat. Our daily maintenance is just one of many boutique aspects that set us apart from our competitors and quite frankly, probably always will.

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    Increase in conversions

  • 0%

    Increase in Google Ads conversion value

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184% Increase in Conversions

Green Virgin Products partnered with us to increase traffic to their website and improve overall sales. Using Google Ads, our team rebuilt new campaigns with the goal of targeting new customers, increasing conversions and conversion value, and decreasing the cost per lead.

With daily maintenance, we adjusted each campaign based on performance and within the first four months of services to achieve 3 key results.

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    Increase in conversions

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    Conversion value increased

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    Decrease in cost per lead

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Our Process

Get one-on-one service with a dedicated buyer who will plan, run, and optimize your Google Ads Account:

Real-time buyer communication and weekly reviews.
Stay up-to-date on account performance and iterate or launch new campaigns fast. Connect week-over-week while your buyer scales spend, hits ROAS targets, and achieves your financial dreams.

Custom reporting around the metrics that truly matter.
At the end of each month, we’ll meet to identify macro-trends and hone account performance based on profitability instead of misleading figures like single-account ROAS.

Focused on the Details

Google Ads, once known as Google AdWords, can significantly boost your eCommerce business’s revenue. But this only happens with our passionate team’s expertise in ad copywriting, daily campaign management, and ongoing optimization. Our Google Ads-certified experts craft and sustain highly effective campaigns to maximize your earnings. We thrive in this aspect of the digital realm primarily because we generate trackable revenue for our eCommerce clients. We go beyond presenting basic data like impressions and clicks. Instead, we focus on conversions, their value, and much more. These are the tangible metrics every eCommerce business deserves from their agency. Challenge us to enhance your Google Ads revenue, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver superior results.

  • Industry research
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign build
  • Strategy decisions
  • Hypertargeting
  • A/B testing everything
  • Search term maintenance
  • Extension buildouts
  • New feature testing
  • Monthly reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have long contracts at the beginning?

We have a simple 3-month agreement to start and the terms from there depend on the goals and strategy.

Do I get to keep all of the creative you make for us?

Absolutely. Any creative that we make for you is yours even if you ever decide to leave.

What is your fee structure? Is it based on ad spend?

We are hyper focused on delivering big returns on investment with Google Ads. We also keep our pricing fair and transparent. Connect with us to learn more.

When can I access my accounts?

All of the time. They are your accounts whether you set them up or we do. They are 100% yours and you have the same access to everything as we do.

What levels of advertising budgets do you require?

It can vary depending on your goals, products, and competitive landscape. On average we ask that you have a monthly ad spend budget of at least $5,000 per month.

Do we receive reports and updates?

Yes, you’ll have login access to your own dashboard and we provide reporting and follow ups to share the work we’ve done. You get the good with the bad and our suggestions on any needed strategy adjustments.

Do you prefer to create new accounts or use the ones I already have?

If you already have an account setup or are comfortable setting it up yourself, we prefer to use that. However, we can assist in setting an account up if necessary.

Google Ads For Your Goals

Scale profitably through paid ads on Facebook.

  • Account management can begin within the first 10 days
  • 3-month initial contract
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
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Services start at $2,500, moving to 10% of ad spend for accounts that spend over $25k per month