eCommerce Integrated Email Marketing and Automation

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email marketing is more complex than it was in the pas. We fully integrate our email marketing platform into your eCommerce store and then start to build segments to deliver the appropriate message to your subscriber to provide value and convert to a sale.

  • eCommerce platform integration
  • Popup creation and management
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Visitor behavior tracking
  • Email personalization
  • Brand consistent email design
  • Welcome email series

  • Rich customer profiles
  • Abandon cart series
  • List cleaning
  • Smart sending
  • Real-time tracking
  • Call to action testing
  • Platform update testing

Smarter Email Marketing

Email marketing can contribute 10-30% of your website’s revenue when done right.

That’s a lot of potential revenue which is why it’s so important to give proper attention to email marketing.

Our team of email marketing experts and designers work together with our clients to craft authentic messaging and visuals at the right time in the research and buying cycle of a subscriber to not only make them a customer, but a loyal one.

Making Email Marketing Part of Your Strategy

  • Creative Campaigns

    Our designers and strategists work to create custom email campaigns that build a connection and drive revenue.

  • Smart Automation Flows

    Email flows are key to capturing potential lost revenue and specific timed offerings can add repeatable growth to your store.

  • Grow Your List

    A lead capture strategy can invite tire kickers in and build brand loyalists over time with a mix of valuable messaging and offers.

“They have continued to allow our business to grow leaps and bounds. We feel that they genuinely care about our business and growth.”


Tom Tarasiuk

President of Discount Water Softeners

Why Partner With LuccaAM?

  • Result Focused

    We're focused on building strategies that grow your list, drive repeat sales and build long term loyalty.

  • No Contracts

    We'd rather build a trustful partnership than lock anyone in. This is why we don't have long term contracts.

  • Relentlessly Curious

    We love data analysis. We constantly review campaign performances and audience profiles to work towards improved ROI.

I’m interested, but I have a few questions...
  • Do you work with my email service?

    We are Klaviyo Partners and experts. We believe it’s the best platform for eCommerce businesses. Let’s talk about what you’re currently using and go from there.

  • Do I get to see what you're creating?

    You have access to the email marketing platform and can see everything we are doing. We also provide previews for everything we create before they are launched. We’ll never leave you out in the cold.

  • What if I don't have an email marketing service?

    No worries! Our team will take care of setup and integration for you.

  • I'm interested, what's the next step?

    Let’s chat today. Reach us (815) 880-8602 or request a free proposal.