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Consumer expectations continue to rise with a fiercely competitive eCommerce marketplace. Providing an optimized shopping experience and developing a connection with your visitors at the same time is a tough balancing act. From your homepage to your about and ultimately your product pages, it’s vital that the shopper is learning more about how much your products will improve their lives with each click and scroll. Provide too much in your user experience and it overwhelms them; too little, and it lacks the ability to build a meaningful connection.

Our design and development services team work together to understand what is important to your customers and we design a user experience that feels personalized to them. Whether you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce, or another eCommerce platform, our eCommerce website design and development services ensure your eCommerce website stands out.

You’ve worked hard to get your business here. That’s an understatement, isn’t it? We know. This is why we take our role as a partner seriously. We are here to help you reach your goals with our team’s experience. Your success is tied to our success, so let’s do this together and get started. It’s time you have a partner that is truly in your corner, offering top-notch eCommerce website design services, digital marketing, and inventory management solutions for your online store.

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BigCommerce Website

Leveraging analytics, user interaction research and competitor analysis, we designed and developed a stand out eCommerce experience that has led this brand to see an increase in add to carts and checkout metrics as well as scaling 5x with year of year performance for the past 5 years.

Case Study

discount water softeners website, Web Development Rockford, PPC Management

eCommerce Healthcare Education

Healthcare professionals have to balance tough schedules, high stress work and strict continued education rules. We partnered with Skills on Point to develop an eCommerce store that allow healthcare professionals to purchase in person and online courses that meet their continued education needs.

Case Study

skills on point website, Web Development Rockford, PPC Management

Our Process

Get personalized service as your client success manager will build a strategy and timeline that ensures your project goals are defined clearly at the start and you’re part of the process every step of the way.

Ongoing communication
Your website is a crucial part of your business’s success. Redesigning or improving it is important and if a project is not properly handled costs and results suffer. Our two teams work closely together to ensure there is purposeful communication and a clear map of the entire process.

Clear roadmap
From the start, your client success manager breaks down each of the steps of the project and identifies responsibilities whether it’s with our team or yours. You’ll know what is happening when and we are always highly responsive no matter which communication channel you prefer.

Focused on the Details

For the past 10 years we’ve designed and developed over 200 websites for our clients in numerous industries. As BigCommerce and Shopify partners, our team is your new secret weapon to adding expertise to your team, doing more faster, reducing your workload, providing solutions to existing and future problems. In short, we’re a team that will act as a part of your team with a shared goal.

  • Native Platform Website Development
  • UX Design
  • Sitemap Strategy
  • Website Maintenance
  • Mobile Experience Optimization
  • User Interaction and Heatmapping Analysis
  • Enhanced Product Pages
  • Device-Specific Optimization
  • Redesign/Iteration Testing
  • Data-Driven Conversion Research
  • Maximized Social Proof

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I expect to pay?

The range can vary so widely depending on the size and complexity of your website and goals. Don't worry, we can provide a free quote.

Can you work with our existing website?

Absolutely. As long as your website is on Shopify or BigCommerce we can help whether that means providing maintenance, making improvements or a major refresh.

What do we do if we don't have a website yet?

Not a problem. We're Shopify and BigCommerce experts which means we can help provide a recommendation that makes the most sense for your business. Our team of experts can help with everything from platform setup, design, development and ongoing maintenance.

Do you work with a specific app on my store?

It depends. We work with a lot of different apps and can also custom build an app depending on the need. Reach out and we can let you know if we can help or even offer a better recommendation.

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