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Discount Water Softeners

5x Revenue Growth


Discount Water Softeners has a unique market solution to water softeners. By using their upflow technology, their softeners reduce salt usage by as much as 45% and save 28,900 gallons per year for a family of 4. They were a mix of local sales and online sales but wanted to develop a strategy to see large growth over the next few years.


Together, our teams developed a deep understanding of the products, customer profile, industry and every aspect of their current marketing plan. Their website was built on an outdated eCommerce platform that became a logistical nightmare. We migrated and completely rebuilt their eCommerce website on BigCommerce Enterprise. This gave Discount Water Softeners a much more reliable platform and important integrations to process and ship orders but it also provided a much improved user experience that immediately saw conversion rate improvements within the first month.

With the goal of not just achieving a short term jump in revenue but a more stable and predictable year of year growth plan, we build a comprehensive plan that integrated Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, email marketing and ongoing conversion rate optimization. We have achieved year of year growth and have 5x their revenue with an evolving strategy that takes into consideration the constant shifting competitor and consumer landscape.


  • Branding Identity
  • Brand Research
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Advertising

The team at LuccaAM are amazing. I cannot say enough positive things about how they handle their customers with exceptional direction and support. They have continued to allow our business to grow leaps and bounds. Kevin and his staff have implemented each request we have had for them in a timely manner and have made additional suggestions that have helped us not only sell more products but also to make it easier for our customers to do so. We are so grateful for all that they provide. We feel that we are more than just a customer or client for Lucca. We feel that they genuinely care about our business and growth. I highly recommend Lucca to anyone that is looking for more than just a website design company. They are the full package for anyone that needs their website to work for their business. Thank you again, Kevin and everyone at Lucca for making us better every day!

TomDiscount Water Softeners

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