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The results

  • +59%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • +108%

    Increase in AdWords Conversion Value

  • +13%

    Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue with Email Marketing


Build a Focused Strategy to Grow Traffic and Revenue

Discount Water Softeners has had great success becoming an expert in the water softener industry and was looking for a partner to help them continue their growth, build a stronger digital presence, and add new streams of revenue

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The Solution

Focus On The User Experience

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36% Increase in Conversion Rate on Mobile Devices

Changing gears from a website that made the customer hunt for what they need, LuccaAM broke down the process it takes for the buyer to understand their needs to quickly find the right product for them. The outcome was a website that offers more tools and guides to help new customers quickly find a solution that meets their needs.

With the redesign, it provided the opportunity to design a mobile-first experience. A cleaner header and navigation, as well as a touch-friendly experience throughout the website regardless of the users’ device, has resulted in increased revenue and a bounce rate reduction of 57%.

A switch to BigCommerce Enterprise provided increase reliability, security, and a decrease in web maintenance from Magento.

A Highly Competitive and Focused SEO Strategy

59% Increase in Organic Traffic

Using research on real customers and what they search for, the strategy for Discount Water Softeners was put into high gear in order to get their products in front of their ideal customers.

We targeted factions of the company including “water softeners” and “iron filtration.” In addition, content was utilized to target and answer the many questions asked by consumers in regards to their home water filtration needs.

With the new strategy in full swing, coupled with daily maintenance for any sudden changes or alerts, we were able to increase rankings for our targeted to first-page results. The increased rankings led to increased visibility for more traffic, and ultimately more sales.

Adding Revenue and Reducing Costs with Google Ads and Facebook PPC

108% Increase in Google Ads Conversion Value

Google Ad initiatives were revamped to take all of the data from previous runs to see where we could increase ROI. We created new campaigns as well as cleaned up existing ones. Every day the numbers were watched to compile data that could show us the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. The first success we saw, was to be able to spend less money without affecting conversions. The second success was increased conversions while still making sure we are saving the client money.

We were able 18% to their total revenue stream through Facebook Ads and retargeting.

Smart Email Marketing

13% increase in total revenue

Through email automation and ongoing email newsletter management, we were able to add 13% to their total recurring revenue every month.

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Building a Social Presence

436% Increase in Sessions from Facebook

DWS had a social presence on all the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube). We took what was in place and improved it with new types of content and tailored language to the platform. A structured content calendar was created to keep track of postings every week and schedule ahead for holidays to create consistency, fixing a problem of the past. With water softeners, a big ticket purchase, selling to potential customers requires transparency. Using verified reviews, customer photos, and promoting customer service across social media shows potential customers what the product and the service they will receive before, during, and after the purchase. Pinterest alone saw a 629% increase in viewers.


The team at LuccaAM are amazing. I cannot say enough positive things about how they handle their customers with exceptional direction and support. They have continued to allow our business to grow leaps and bounds. Kevin and his staff have implemented each request we have had for them in a timely manner and have made additional suggestions that have helped us not only sell more products but also to make it easier for our customers to do so. We are so grateful for all that they provide. We feel that we are more than just a customer or client for Lucca. We feel that they genuinely care about our business and growth. I highly recommend Lucca to anyone that is looking for more than just a website design company. They are the full package for anyone that needs their website to work for their business. Thank you again, Kevin and everyone at Lucca for making us better every day!


-Tom Tarasiuk, President
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