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  • 613%

    Increase in Facebook Sales from the Prior Year

  • 317.6%

    Increase in Website Conversion from Facebook Ads

  • 70%

    Increase in Conversions from Google Ads

The Challenge

Paleo On The Go makes incredibly easy and delicious pre-made paleo meals shipped right to their customer’s door.

Paleo On The Go was managing their Google and Facebook Ads in-house but were looking for an experienced partner that could help take them to the next level and free their team to focus on creating and delivering their high quality and amazingly delicious meals to their customers.

Facebook Ads
The Solution

Paleo On The Go first partnered with LuccaAM to provide education and review of their current in-house paid marketing efforts. Shortly after, we partnered together to revamp their Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In less than a year, we shifted their Google Ads from targeting searchers that already know Paleo On The Go to building awareness and sales from brand new customers. This resulted in a 70% increase in conversions and a 67% increase in conversion value. Paid traffic increased by 296.13% with a 26% increase in page views per session and a 21% increase in the time spent on site (per session).

Previously, Paleo On The Go had good revenue from their Facebook Ads but it was mainly from re-targeted traffic. With all new custom audiences and redesigned ads, they are now seeing strong sales from new customers while also continuing to see great sales results from re-targeting. These efforts have resulted in a 613% increase in Facebook sales compared to the prior year.

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