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U-Konserve produces sustainably designed reusable and waste-free, non-toxic and non-leaching, functional and practical storage food containers so the whole family can eat healthier and ditch single-use disposables.

Wanting to increase conversions through Google Ads, U-Konserve came to LuccaAM. They were looking for a trusted partner to help them achieve their goal of driving new revenue and better performance within their Google Ads account. Our team started with a full account analysis and identified key areas that would increase performance and overall return on ad spend. Partnering together, we agreed that we wanted to scale responsibly. A quick fix of increasing ad spend to drive more revenue wasn’t the right solution. The goal was not just to drive more conversions but to do so efficiently, so more growth meant not only an increase in revenue but more profit and return on investment.

Results Within 60 Days

We were able to drive up revenue and conversions while reducing overall spending slightly, which resulted in a ROAS (return on ad spend) improvement of 168% (from 1.8X to 5X).

Increase Revenue (+161%)

Increase Conversions (+153%)



  • Google Ads (PPC)

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