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Green Virgin Products, Web Development Rockford, PPC Management

Green Virgin Products


Green Virgin Products sells natural, pure and safe health products. In a marketplace where misleading products and pricing tactics can take advantage of consumers, it’s important to provide accurate and transparent information about their products to educate it’s consumers. Green Virgin Products was looking for a partner to help reduce costs per conversion while increasing its reach and revenue across different ad platforms.


Our team began a deep dive into the existing campaigns running along with heatmap analysis of product pages on the website. With the right data at our hands, we established a cost per conversion goal for Google Ads and within a few months, we hit that goal. Our team produced new influencer videos for social ads and a landing page to help deliver more information to the visitor. In addition to paid media, our team developed an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic for buying intent searchers.


  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • SEO
  • Landing Page Design
  • Brand Design

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