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Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Running & scaling Facebook Ads To shatter your profitability goals

Facebook and Instagram Ads are a different landscape than they were in the past. It’s a competitive place, ad quality is on the rise, iOS updates have complicated reporting, not to mention it’s a tough place to find a partner you can trust.

Our team is an experienced one that have scaled businesses past six figures. We are a partner in every sense of the word. We have monthly reporting that gives you an honest picture of our performance for you. We listen and build strategies based on your goals in tandem with our experience and market research.

Getting your business to this point took a lot of hard work. That’s an understatement isn’t it? We know. This is why we take our role as a partner seriously. We are here to help you reach your goals with our team’s experience. Your success is tied to our success so let’s do this together and get started. It’s time you have a partner that is truly in your corner.

Home Improvement Brand Ignites Campaigns

71% Growth in Facebook Ads

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Working Together Towards Your Goals

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71% Increase in revenue from ads

Our client was looking for a partner to manage their Facebook advertising in order to drive additional traffic to their website and increase purchases.

Our team continuously tested new ad creatives along with narrowing down behaviors and audiences to provide the best results. Last year compared to the previous year, sales from Facebook ads increased 71%.

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    Increase in ad revenue

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Our Process

Get one-on-one service with a dedicated buyer who will plan, run, and optimize your Facebook Ads Account:

Always being in touch
Stay up-to-date on performance and refine or launch new campaigns. We stay connected while your buyer scales spend, hits ROAS targets, and achieves your financial goals.

Custom reporting around the metrics that truly matter.
At the end of each month, we’ll meet to identify big picture trends and refine account performance based on profitability.

Focused on the Details

Our team uses every bit of our knowledge and platform capabilities to achieve your goals.

  • Unpublished page post ads
  • Direct video ad targeting
  • Multiple audience classifications
  • Precise audiences
  • Installation of tracking pixel
  • Sponsored likes advancement
  • Varied retargeting strategies
  • Precise location-based ads
  • Lookalike audience combo
  • Ongoing bid improvement
  • Continuous ROI gains
  • Continual competitor research
  • Engagement rate optimization
  • Fresh image ads for testing
  • Time-based bid improvements
  • Custom reporting metrics
  • Shopping campaign optimization
  • Instagram ads
  • Higher quality conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We are hyper focused on delivering big returns on investment with Facebook Ads. We also keep our pricing fair and transparent. Connect with us to learn more.

Do we receive reports and updates?

Yes, you’ll have login access to your own dashboard and we provide reporting and follow ups to share the work we’ve done. You get the good with the bad and our suggestions on any needed strategy adjustments.

What’s the typical contract length?

We have a simple 3-month agreement to start and the terms from there depend on the goals and strategy. The larger the goals, typically the more time is needed to reach those and we work with you on that.

Who owns the data and creative?

You do! Any creative that we make for you is yours even if you ever decide to leave.

Do you restrict access to my accounts?

Absolutely not. They are your accounts 100%. You have the same access we do except you own them.

Is your fee based on how much I spend each month?

Every client has different needs and goals, so we base our fees on their individual situation. Sometimes a percentage of ad spend makes the most sense. Other times, a flat fee works better.

How much should I be spending on advertising to work with you?

It can vary depending on your goals, products, and competitive landscape. On average we ask that you have a monthly ad spend budget of at least $2,000 per month.

Should I create a new account for you to use?

If you already have an account setup or are comfortable setting it up yourself, we prefer to use that. However, we can assist in setting an account up if necessary.

Will I know how my ads are doing?

You’ll have login access to your own dashboard and we provide reporting and follow ups to share the work we’ve done. You get the good with the bad and our suggestions on any needed strategy adjustments. We're big on full transparency.

Are there extra fees for anything?

We care more about results than clocking hours, so we don’t charge hidden fees for meetings or phone calls.

Facebook Ads For Your Goals

Scale profitably through paid search on Google.

  • Account management can begin within the first 10 days
  • 3-month initial contract
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
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Services start at $2,500, moving to 10% of ad spend for accounts that spend over $25k per month