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Iron & Steel Threads

Iron & Steel Threads was an entirely new company with an idea to build a brand created for hockey players, families, coaches and fans. Iron & Steel is more than just an apparel brand, they are dedicated to promoting the game and donate a portion of every sale to further the exposure and development of the game among kids. Hockey is an expensive sport which means not every kid can participate. The mission is to make it more available to kids across the country.

Brand Identity

With nothing but an idea of a company, the LuccaAM team performed market research and began to build an identity first. A black and gold color theme with a logo that is modern and athletic but with a touch of vintage flare from its rough edges started to give life to the brand. The slogan “Win The Battle” was created to play on the phase used in hockey when players are “battling” for a puck or play. The team that wins the most puck battles usually comes out on top.

Once the identity began to be formed, we developed an eCommerce website on BigCommerce with a custom easy to shop user experience that continuously is measured and refined. The brand would attract people from different devices, locations, and backgrounds so we integrated a number of different payment methods that reduce friction for purchasing. Our team provides on-going web support to ensure the site is performing at its best while testing new features and layouts to increase conversions.

Email Marketing

Utilizing Klaviyo for email marketing, we built out a number of flows including welcome, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and post purchase. Our team designs and schedules email campaigns multiple times per week to continue to drive awareness and sales. Open rates average at 48% with a 5.6% click-through rate. Our A/B testing of popups and offers has delivered continuous list growth.

Brand Ambassador Program

As a new brand, awareness is key to introduce people to the brand and their products. To help develop relationships as well as content creation, we developed a brand ambassador program with a supported Meta ad campaign to drive signups which has led to new growth for the company and exposure to local rink communities not possible otherwise.

Digital Advertising

Through a combination of Google and Meta ads, our team developed campaigns around awareness and retargeting with copy and creative asset creation. Digital ads play a large role in brand awareness and conversions are continuously tested with new copy and creative for optimal performance.


To develop continuous traffic and brand awareness from multiple avenues, our SEO team provides ongoing on-site and off-site optimization that has led to month-over-month growth in organic traffic leading to new sales without solely relying on paid advertising.

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