Exit Intent Popups – A Must for Your Store

We all want our eCommerce stores to convert more. We want it so badly that we spend hours scouring the internet looking for tips, downloading e-books, and signing up for digital courses to find that missing ingredient that will make a difference in sales. Does this sound like you? I’m happy to save you some … Continued

Facebook Reduces Ad Space in Mobile News Feed

In August 2019, Facebook made a pretty big change to how ads will display in their mobile News Feed. Less Space For Advertisers Facebook has changed their mobile News Feed ad format to reduce the amount of text shown. According to Facebook, “Now only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News … Continued

3 Ways to Incorporate Video On Your Product Page

There are a number of key elements that your product page should have to greatly impact it’s conversion rate. Video is one of those key elements and with each passing day, it becomes more important to your visitors which means it should be a high priority for you. Video creation and consumption is growing at … Continued