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13 SEO Terms for Beginners

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing field. If you have no previous knowledge or have only heard a small amount of what SEO is, these terms will give you an idea of just how vast SEO really is.

These 13 SEO terms for beginners will help you get a clear picture of what SEO entails.

1. Anchor Text

Anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink. For example, learn about marketing acronyms. In general, hyperlinks are highlighted in blue but through HTML customization it can be changed. Keywords in anchor text is a factor for search engines.

2. Authority Site

An authority site is a very high-quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry and has multiple traffic channels. Some examples are Forbes, BBC News, and AdWeek.

3. Above the Fold

When your website is ranking above the fold, that means people will know who you are. When you search a term, the results you see immediately are considered above the fold. It’s anything you see immediately when you land on a page.

13 seo terms - best seo companies

4. Backlink

Backlinks are important to have in SEO. It’s a link one website gets from another website. This is how traffic is built and the quality of the backlinks should be more important that the quantity. Having a backlink from an authority site such as Forbes ranks much higher than having multiple from a friends blog. Search engines prefer what other people have to say about you than what you have to say about yourself.

5. Black Hat

Simply, black hat is a set of disapproved SEO practices. You can get penalized or banned by using black hat tactics. Having hidden text and links, buying links, keyword stuffing, and spam comments are a few blackhat tactics.

13 seo terms - best seo companies

6. Crawler

Crawlers look at web pages and follow links on those pages. These crawlers, or “spiders,” go from link to link and bring data about those web pages back to the search engines.

7. External Links

If you link from your website to another website, this is an external link. External linking is becoming just as important as backlinking.

8. Landing Page

As mentioned in number 3, a landing page is where you land on after clicking a link be it via the search results or any other link. It’s where you’re taken to.

13 seo terms - best seo companies

9. Ranking Factor

One element of how a search engine determines where to rank a certain page. These factors include the number of inbound links to a page or the contents of the title tag on that page. There are many other ranking factors.

10. Robots.txt

This is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers. The robots.txt tell what the spiders should crawl and what should be indexed. You want your page to be indexed so it can be ranked so having a robots.txt. is a must.

11. Search Engine Results Page

Search Engine Results Page or SERP is the list of results you receive when you search a term on Google or Bing. Every SERP is unique to the user because it is based on the search term and due to the Google penguin update, location.

penguin update - 13 seo terms

12. Sitemap

Sitemap along with robots.txt is probably one of the most important of the 13 SEO terms to know. A sitemap is an XML file that contains a list of all web pages on your site. It can also contain metadata information from your site. And just like robots.txt, a sitemap is a must-have.

13. White Hat

White hat refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines. Unlike black hat SEO, white hat SEO follows search engine rules and policies.So no spamming, link buying, or keyword stuffing.

Now that you’ve learned these 13 SEO terms, learn about the 12 acronyms you should know if you’re in marketing.


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