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$5.00 Logos?

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How much does a logo cost?

More than $5.00!

Logo Design

Let’s start with what a logo is. A logo is the first thing people see. It’s for immediate recognition and inspiring trust. It’s one aspect of a company’s brand. Its shape, colors, and fonts are different from others within the same market in order to stand out. A logo design is important.

So you don’t want a badly and cheaply designed logo to represent you!

First thing is first, a designer should not have to invest any time or resources when there is no guarantee of payment. Their job is just like any other.

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This is a logo contest, the winner receiving $35. The fonts used in all the logos are free and accessible to the public. Meaning that your logo is already not original.

None of the logos above are memorable and they’re difficult to describe. They can’t really be resized without losing quality. You need a logo design that is recognizable and re-sized as needed. And if need be, work without the text.

Professional logos

logo design - graphic design in rockford
Already a stark difference in quality at first glance

There are various steps when it comes to creating a logo.

The first is a design questionnaire or an interview. This is to get any ideas or specifications that the client requires. Research on the industry is conducted including its history and its competitors. Then within that competitor logo research, based on the design questionnaire, the logo can reference what works and what doesn’t within the industry. Next, logo concepts are created based on the questionnaire and research.

Then there is a time frame for reflecting where the designer lets the concepts sit a bit and revisit. This then renews enthusiasm and helps the designer find and correct flaws. Select concepts are then shared with the client. Once the client receives them, they should pick one from the few that were sent. If none are up to par, specific feedback is asked to improve the logo and meet the client’s expectations. Feedback like, “Can you make it pop?” is not specific. And there shouldn’t be unlimited revisions. If there were, the concept would never be done!

All the work required to design a logo is worth much more than $5.00. Not to mention the programs required to create the logo can range anywhere from $700.00.

In short, a logo is:

Logo design is worth more than $5.00. Especially if you are running an eCommerce business. You want customers to take you seriously. Same goes for other types of business and nonprofits.

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