How a designer survives the holidays.

Prepare your list of clients and what they will need for the holidays Holidays are coming up? Don’t wait for your clients to tell you they need designs for their holiday sales campaigns. Most of them are extremely busy managing their business, ESPECIALLY during the holidays. The last thing on their mind is the creative … Continued

5 Key Steps in a Successful Online Sale Campaign

Inventory been sitting around for too long? Looking to clear stock for a new product? Need to generate quick cash for your business? Special holiday coming up? All of these are reasons to launch an attractive sale campaign to generate new sales and attract more business to your eCommerce store. As online shopping has become … Continued

8 Great Tips to Make your Video Marketing Successful

TIP 1: Proper video lengths / Proper video sizes At this point, we all know that social media is the best platform to distribute your video content to the masses. There are various channels to share video content such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The beauty is being able to distribute the same … Continued