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The Right Way to Use Instagram Filters

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Have you ever seen an Instagram feed so cohesive and aesthetically pleasing that it makes your mouth water?

If so, you’ve probably also dreamed of having a pleasing Instagram feed and want to know the secret sauce. Creating mesmerizing feeds is not as hard as it may look. You don’t need to be an expert editor or have the best equipment to produce great looking Instagram feeds. There are 25 filters that Instagram provides that allow us to completely change the mood of our feeds. With just a few touches and knowing how to use Instagram filters, you can become a pro content creator too.

This article will walk you through how to use Instagram filters to create the right mood that fits your brand. We’re here to help you see how simple it can be to use Instagram filters to create enticing feeds. We know top brands look well put together on social media and our goal is to help you reach that level. Hopefully these tips can help curate the feed of your dreams and get rid of your grid envy!

Our steps to help you curate fire feeds:

What are Instagram Filters?

Instagram Filters are a great way to edit your images and quickly transform the theme and feel of your visuals. Each of the 25 filters that Instagram provides in their editing tools help create a different visual effect. All the filters can be accessed prior to posting your image or video, the filters become an option when you select the image/video you want to post. After going through the editing process, the next step would be writing your captivating caption. Instagram’s filters are a great resource to express your brand in a themed and polished roll out.

Lucky for you, Canva recently studies over a million photos on Instagram to find the most popular filters. Below are the top 5 so you can become familiar and see the different themes!

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Filters

1. Claredon

Instagram Filters - claredon

2. Gingham

Instagram Filters - gingham

3. Juno

Instagram Filters - juno

4. Lark

Instagram Filters - lark

5. Mayfair

Instagram Filters - mayfair

Curating Feeds Using Instagram Filters

Now that you know what Instagram Filters are and which ones are the best to use, let’s start to curate a cohesive grid. The key to cohesive grids is consistency, consistency, and consistency. The best feeds we all naturally gravitate towards are the ones that establish a vibe and deliver content in a very predictable feel. Using one Instagram filter is super important to keep the mood the same throughout each post. This is not to say you can’t eventually change moods, however, we recommend you commit to an Instagram filter long enough where users can scroll through and understand the feel you’re going for. Below are two feeds, one is very cohesive and the other is very scattered.

Remember, the key is to make information EASY for your viewers. Easy to take in. Easy to understand. Easy to relate to. Easy to remember.

Why Cohesive Feeds Matter

Cohesive feeds = leave lasting impressions

Posting is just one piece of the puzzle to being a leader on Instagram. Focusing on quality posts is important, but never forget the bigger picture. Your feed, or profile page if you will, is your brand’s portfolio. Consumers are using social media as a reference tool to judge your business and evaluate how legitimate you may be. Not being able to interact with online consumers means your social feeds are the first impression many people may have with your business. The magic behind fluid feeds is the trust and calmness created in the eyes of the consumer, it’s certifying to see a brand that is well put together and can incline someone to complete the purchase.

Never underestimate the power your feed can have in the buying decision. It’s difficult to measure the influence your feed may have but it’s a known fact that modern day shopping is influenced by content on social media. Having strong cohesive feeds is a great way to make sure your social media accounts work as a powerful sale and marketing tool. The top e-commerce brands capitalize on every opportunity to connect with their audience online.

Hopefully you’re seeing how powerful Instagram filters can be, if not, below is a 9-post sample grid we created using our personal favorite filter. Notice how every image is completely different than one another but has the same feel. This is how you start to create a recognizable and iconic feed. A few months of posting consistently can create an entire experience for people when they scroll through your awesome content.

Instagram Filters


Think of Instagram Filters as the ultimate cheat code to cohesive and unique Instagram profiles. Using filters is a great way to accomplish cohesive feeds if you know the vibe you want to accomplish but don’t have the time, money, or resources to make it happen. If you made it this far GREAT, but now is the time to close this, open Instagram, and start having fun with filters! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us so we can check out your awesome feeds.

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