4 Eco-Friendly Return Options You Need to Consider

Returns are part of any retail and many shoppers are purposefully overbuying with an intent of returning. Some even buy different sizes of the same item and will then return the item they don’t want. This really hurts not only a business’s profit, but the environment. Why? Because textiles cannot easily be recycled. In fact … Continued

Meet Kari

We are excited to welcome a new team member here at LuccaAM. Kari Bentley is our Client Success Manager! We sat down with Kari and asked her some questions for you to get to know her better. What did you do before you joined LuccaAM? Before joining LuccaAM, my primary time was spent as a … Continued

Help Your eCommerce Business Get the Edge for Black Friday

I was on a walk not too long ago and was complaining because many of my neighbors had Halloween decorations out. We have all seen it, the stores that already have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations out and for sale. We may gawk at this every time we are in the store, though that might … Continued