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Meet Kari

Kari - LuccaAM, Web Development Rockford, PPC Management

We are excited to welcome a new team member here at LuccaAM. Kari Bentley is our Client Success Manager! We sat down with Kari and asked her some questions for you to get to know her better.

What did you do before you joined LuccaAM?

Before joining LuccaAM, my primary time was spent as a teacher. I taught fifth and sixth grade; which means I pretty much taught it all. Spending a majority of my adult life as a teacher, I made the transition a few years ago to Center Director at a tutoring company. Through the company I was certified in high school test analysis and college counseling. I created timelines for each of the families that came to me with their academic goals; and I worked with the families, students, and teachers to make those goals happen.

What do you do at LuccaAM?

So it shouldn’t surprise you, that in coming to LuccaAM, I have taken on the role as Client Success Manager. In my new role I get to connect with each of our clients to make sure they have everything they need for, you guessed it, success. I oversee their projects our team is working on, and make sure everything is staying on time and on budget. With my love of organization, I also help organize and make sure everything is running smoothly internally with our team.

What are your initial impressions since joining LuccaAM?

Anyone looking at LuccaAM from the outside can see how great the company is. From the perspectives they each write, to their social media presence, you can see where their passions are. This is a group of people that cares about what they do, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that? I am pleased to share that looking at LuccaAM from the inside it is just that. A company that works together, shares, experiments, and has an overall passion for what they are doing.

What inspires you/gets you out of bed in the morning?

That right there, is what inspires me to get out of the bed in the morning, besides coffee. Every day we get to learn something new and do something about it. It is an amazing feeling that never gets old when you watch a teammate try something different and it be successful. Not for us, but for our clients! We get to partner with some amazing people and help them grow their business. You can’t help but be inspired each day.

What do you typically do outside of work hours?

We all know life shouldn’t always be work, so when I am not at work I love spending time with my favorite people. Being outside, hiking and going for walks. We will agree to disagree, that I love autumn and winter and the cold weather doesn’t stop me from being outside. A hobby that I do have is card making, having that handmade touch brings something special to the cards that I give to others. Plus, I always have a pile of cards that are ready for any occasion!

What’s a fun fact about you?

Something that not many know, I was in a farming magazine when I was about 9 years old. My first paid gig that I was pretty proud of. This is not an every day occurrence, and luck was on my side for this opportunity. At the time, my dad was a Fire Chief in the town I grew up in. The magazine company came to him needing to have the street watered down by one of trucks, and asked if he knew of any kids that could be in the magazine. The rest, as they say, is history.


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