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When LeadingIT envisioned broadening its outreach and fortifying its online presence, it recognized the critical role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in achieving this goal. To address this need, LeadingIT partnered with LuccaAM, a specialist in the field tasked with enhancing the visibility and accessibility of LeadingIT’s digital footprint. The collaboration was focused on developing a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to LeadingIT’s unique service offerings, targeting small to medium-sized organizations without dedicated in-house IT departments.

The strategy crafted by LuccaAM was multi-faceted, aiming to optimize LeadingIT’s online content for search engines and improve user engagement on their platform. This involved a thorough analysis of keywords, content optimization, and technical SEO adjustments to ensure the LeadingIT website was more discoverable to its target audience and provided a user-friendly experience that reflected the company’s commitment to quality and affordability in IT support services. Through this partnership, LeadingIT aimed to significantly enhance its online presence, making its services more accessible to potential clients across various sectors, including nonprofits, educational institutions, and small businesses, thereby driving growth and expanding its impact in the Chicagoland area and beyond.


143% Increase in Organic Search

201% Increase in Keyword Rankings

158% Increase in Impressions

How We Did It:

Regular SEO Audits: Address 404 errors, update redirected URLs, and monitor keywords and backlinks for every article or page.

Keyword Research: Conduct in-depth keyword and competitor analysis tailored to enhance the performance of revenue-generating or service-oriented pages.

Content Optimization: Develop new pages dedicated to specific services to improve search engine rankings.

Advanced SEO Techniques: Enhanced structured data markup for enriched content representation, submitted sitemap to search engine tools, revised robots.txt file as necessary, and ensured proper use of canonical tags.


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