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How to Improve Holiday Sales with a Creative Agency

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48% of online buyers will do a majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday.

Improve Holiday Sales - Creative Agency

Regardless of the size of your company, with the right creative marketing strategy you can significantly improve sales. When looking at buyer behavior, 65% of holiday customers are influenced by sales and promotions. In addition, a whopping 95% of holiday customers will shop with a new brand given proper pricing discounts.

In order to capitalize on this surge of impressionable online shoppers, it is imperative to theme your creative posts to attract potential customers. With a creative agency, your company will be in a better position to capture this season’s online consumers. As well as have a happy, lucrative holiday.

How to Improve Your Paid Ads

Just picture all of your competition using marketing ads in every shape and form during the holidays… because that’s exactly what happens year over year.

It can be a daunting task to understand how to find the correct strategy to beat out this rivalry of brands.

Putting together the proper PPC strategy starts with analyzing the data from last year’s holiday season to see which channels were the most effective, as well as which products had the most customer interaction. This data will give a good base understanding of where to put your focus for this year.

Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll want to make sure that every dollar counts to ensure the highest ROI. Because so many brands go for the “let’s market to everyone with a pulse” approach, it is a great opportunity to spend wiser with targeted campaigns.

Here you can get into personalized marketing using the customer data you’ve collected. This can include creating discounts with the customers’ names when they enter the website, reminding them about their abandoned cart, or sending them holiday themed thank you emails.

You’ll also want to analyze how your audience is interacting with your advertisements and website to make the improve your campaigns. Studying your ad conversions will help you identify keywords and where to invest your ad dollars.

Taking Advantage of Creative Posts

33% of customers indicate that they used social media to find new companies.

It’s vital that your socials are on theme for the holidays and that you have a detailed plan of attack to drive in new customers. After all, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is why you want to have design work that is consistent with your brand image, presents holiday price discounts and you’re promoting these posts to get and stay in front of seasonal shoppers.

Creating sweepstakes is a great way to create buzz around your brand. Get your audience to share these promotions across social media platforms. As a result of these shared posts, it will lead to viral marketing for close to no money spent.

You’ll want to make posts that emotionally connect with the gift giving season that lead shoppers along your sales funnel. Be sure to diversify these posts and market on as many platforms as your market uses. The competition will be focusing almost solely on Facebook and Twitter so there’s opportunity in other spaces.

With that said, Facebook is by far the most powerful social network in the world with 2.41 billion active monthly users as of June 30, 2019. This is simply a space you cannot ignore. Facebook has approximately 16 ad placements which means you should go after placements used less frequently by other marketers. For example, you can use audience network, Instagram stories or the automatic placements option. Be sure to monitor the performance of these placements to know which are the most successful.

Take Action Now!

Q4 is not only the most lucrative time of the year, but also the busiest time by far. The last thing you want to do is spread yourself too thin and see minimal increase in sales. Or even worse… a decrease. With the creativity and strategy that a creative agency can provide, you can save yourself the headache of implementing these action items and let trusted experts drive in revenue. Take advantage of our team of experts who can take a dive deep into your brand and your competitors to give you a detailed blueprint of success for this holiday season.

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