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Ad Updates from Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest

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What are ad updates there for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest?

Instagram story ads, Facebook mid-roll video ads, and Pinterest ad groups.

All social media platforms are always growing, which means there are always new ways of advertising.

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram has introduced ads within their story section. Soon they will be available to all advertisers. This is also a direct copy of Snapchat’s ads that play between people’s stories. Brands will be able to advertise between the 24-hour Instagram stories. Approximately 30 select brands are already testing the ads. The difference between Instagram ads and Snapchat ads is that it will include both video and photo ads. The ads will be sold on a cost-per-thousand impression model.

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Facebook Mid-Roll Videos

Facebook announced it will start introducing mid-video ads. This is to compete with YouTube’s video ads and increase their video advertising revenue. These mid-video ads will only appear after the viewer has seen at least 20 seconds of content. So the video has to be at least 90 seconds in length and the video ads would have to be 15 seconds, no more. For mid-roll video ads, there are no 30-second ads. The idea behind these mid-roll ads is that they are already being watched by an active audience. The short video ad length also helps minimize the ad’s level of intrusion.

How could you take advantage of this new ad format?

As of right now, it is unsure if advertisers will have control of the placement of the video ad. But if they did, one way to take advantage is by including a sneak peek in the first 20 seconds of the video and after the ad, include all the important information.

Pinterest Ad Groups

Pinterest has joined the likes of Google Ads and Facebook by implementing ad groups to their advertising. The ability to create separate ad groups with unique promoted pins running for each is now an option. Ad groups mean that as advertisers, you are able to target, set timing, and allocate budgets for better ad optimization.

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