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The Importance of Sustainability

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Customer behavior is starting to rely more heavily on the values of the brands they shop with. While solving a problem and ease-of-use are still the driving factors of purchasing decisions, we see consumers want to know that brands are taking action to showcase these values.

That seems obvious. Why spend your hard earned money with a brand that doesn’t agree with your personal values? With the ever-growing global crisis of climate change, buyers are cognizant of their impact on the planet through their shopping habits.

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The Evolution of Buying Behaviors

The demand is overwhelmingly prominent for shoppers to know that they’re shopping with a business who is actively reducing their carbon footprint. A recent study from IBM and the National Retail Federation shows that 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada find it to be of huge importance whether they are shopping with an eco-conscious brand or not. These shoppers really put their money where their mouth is too. 47% of internet users worldwide have ditched products from a brand that violated their personal beliefs. Not surprisingly, number one on that list is protecting the environment.

This increasing preference for sustainable brands can be displayed through the evolution of buying behaviors. 69% of environmentally-conscious shoppers are willing to pay a premium for products from a sustainable brand over a non-sustainable competitor.

The presence of social media and digital consumption make it easier than ever for consumers to stay current with all of their favorite brands. As consumer behavior continues to evolve, so does the demand these buyers have for higher ethical standards from the brands they shop with. Simply put, if you want to keep scaling your business, you need to answer the call by making sure your company does it’s part to be environmentally-conscious. If you’re looking for ways that your brand can become eco-friendly, check out our blog that gives some helpful tips.

Taking It One Step Further

It’s not just imperative that you make some changes for the rapidly growing eco-consumer base, you need to be authentic. When you’re just making changes to increase your bottom line, people can see right through those false intentions, and matter-of-fact, won’t buy. You need to show a keen understanding of why it’s important that you’re on the right side of change in this world.

If you’re able to answer that call, you have a great foundation for how to brand your values to your community and you’re ready to tell that story. For any brand story to be powerful, authentic, and relatable it also has to be shared. The design of everything you do, from social posts to ads to your website, needs to execute this voice.

To truly resonate with the growing eco-conscious shoppers, you want to be able to intertwine your efforts into the fabric of everything you do visually. Be sure to provide research to your audience in visually stimulating ways. This can be done through infographics, marketing inserts, etc. The key is not to just focus on showing people you care and are doing your part, it is to create a cohesive story of the uniqueness of your brand and it’s impact on the environment.


As collective buying behaviors prove to only grow in impact in the future, we know consumers believe in their responsibility to find environmentally friendly companies who do their part to preserve the planet. Brands need to comply if they have any hope of being relevant to the new market. If you would like to learn more on how to make changes or to better communicate your brand story, give us a shout and we’d be more than happy to help!

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