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Why Your Designer Shouldn’t Design Your Website to Your Liking

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Brick and mortars are designed through years of studying placement, target market, and tests to ensure that all items on the floor have the highest chance of being purchased.

child eye level to candy in checkout lane

Did you know that candy is readily available to purchase around checkout lines, and placed at children’s eye level so they’ll ask their parents for said candy? I can’t tell you how many times my kids have picked up candy as we’re unloading our cart onto the conveyor belt. All that research and planning just for candy sales.

Can the same be done for your website? The short answer is…yes.

There are many things to consider, like making sure that your site is laid out for maximum conversions. That products are optimized, and the purchase button is close at hand. As you work alongside us, we help you create, or convert, your website into a tool that will help drive sales for your company.

It’s a known fact that websites are the way of the future, and almost everything you can think of probably has a website. Craving bagels? Visit Einstein Bagels. Wanting to find the best surf locations in the Caribbean? Wave Tribe has you covered. You want to learn new skills? MasterClass has tons of categories to choose from. There’s literally nothing that you can’t find on the internet.

Now, we agree that no one knows their company more than the owner and the people that work there.

Yet, one of the most difficult things to do is to separate what you like versus what is best for your website.

You may love the color green, but it doesn’t match the company’s brand colors. You may want a lot of elements constantly moving on your site to show high energy, but this may prove to be either distracting if the animation isn’t smooth, or just too much. So, opting to use lifestyle images that show high energy, or using your color palette wisely will convey the energy for you. Sites need to be built with thoroughness.

When building your site, it’s important to remember that it needs to work for your business and for your customers. One of the biggest hurdles with creating a website is separating our wants from the needs of those who will be using it. A website’s purpose is to be a source of information for everyone.

eCommerce Websites

And for eCommerce, an easy and convenient means to shop, especially to the benefit of those of us that are homebodies. Besides your employees, the most important part of your company is your customers. Creating loyal customers will not only provide you with free marketing with word-of-mouth, a very powerful and tried-and-true review, but also consistent revenue since your customers will return time and time again. Make it easy for them to make purchases by opting for simpler sales process and providing readily available customer support.

What may be working for your company now, may not be what you need to grow. As we listen to your goals for your business, we work to build you an ecommerce website that is going to help you scale to the next level. So, we may not add green to your website, but we will build you a website that is both beautiful and converts.

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