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6 SEO Tips for Website Design

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6 SEO Tips for Website Design That Google and Bing Love

When it comes to designing a website, the last thing on developers or designers minds is how it will impact SEO. You want your website to reach page one of search results after its launch and to stay there afterward. Having your web developer or web team member know these 6 SEO tips for website design will positively affect SEO and user experience.

1. Only One H1 Per Page

H1’s are used to title a web page. H1 or Heading Size 1, should only be used once per page. The H1 should be as close as possible to the searcher’s query that way when they search “How to fix a tire.” There are hundreds and thousands of “How to” already on the internet so it’s easier to reach page one or above-the-fold for a specific phrase/search query than a general “How to.”

2. Be Responsive

A responsive website scores high for Google. It’s one of the many things that Google loves and it helps you rank higher. Mobile-friendly means having an RWD, Responsive Web design meaning it adapts to the user’s viewport size so what they see on their mobile phone is the same as if they were to see it on a big monitor. With everything going mobile today, having a mobile-friendly website will not only provide an amazing experience and make Google very happy.

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3. External Linking

Search engines are now loving external linking as much as backlinking. If you link from your website to a high authority site such as Forbes, not only does Forbes get points for the backlink but you also get points for linking externally. Google, at least, wants the internet to become more authentic rather than just having a textbook answer.

4. Content Writing

When writing copy, it’s important to keep in mind any keywords or phrases that you want to rank for. If the content doesn’t meet what people think about the product or service you’re providing, it won’t be able to reach as many people. The writing on your website and posts have to have Google in mind as well as the users you have and are wanting to obtain.

5. Limit PDFs

Do not send users to only a PDF link. If that’s all you have on, search engines like Google and Bing would rather not send people directly to PDF pages. You can still use PDFs but make sure you integrate them into the page seamlessly. By creating a page for the PDF it will add unique content that search engines love and provide a bit more information on the PDF.

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6. Schema

Schema is what tells the search engines what your page is about. It’s a code that is put on websites. It takes the guessing game out of them and gives your content more importance in search results.

All of these 6 SEO tips are important to follow and have on your website to help it rank. Whether it’s an eCommerce website or a nonprofit website. The goal is to rank high on search engines so that more people are aware of what you do and head to your website. There, based on your web design, they can decide if what you offer or do is a perfect fit for them!

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