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6 Ways To Make Your Product Shipments More Impactful

Opening Package - product shipments

Running an eCommerce store can pull you in so many different directions trying to optimize everything from your product pages to Facebook Ad copy. Don’t let everything else take away your attention from one of the key experiences your customers will have with your brand, your product shipment packaging. Think about your own experience, have you ever received your order and held on to either the product box or some part of that shipment packaging because you were so impressed with it?

I’ll be honest, I still have packaging from Harry’s, a company that offers a full line of shaving products. Why would I keep it? Everything about it is just unique, everything I touch is of quality and personality.

Harry's Shaving Packaging

The product packaging and shipment is important and can be a key differentiator from your competitors. It also sets the mind of your customer in a unique state before they even use your products. You can make them believers of your brand and products right from the start.

Let’s go through some ways to make your customer a repeatable buyer by optimizing your product’s shipment experience.

1. Using Recyclable Components

Think of who your customer is, are they motivated to reduce their ecological footprint? Concern for the environment is personal and highly important to consumers today. What are some ways we can align with their care for the environment?

Opt for materials that are made from recyclable materials and are easy for your customer to recycle. Make note of this fact to draw subtle attention to that fact that your interest aligns with your customer. They want to see themselves or a better version of themselves in the companies they buy from. Is there no getting around the fact that your product require packing peanuts? Use water dissolvable ones and include a fun and silly note of creative ways they can be dissolved. It’s shows the customer that not only do you care about the environment by not having this packing material sit in a landfill for 500 years but it also shows your personality and sense of humor. That can resonate in big ways.

dropps box - eco packaging

2. Sizing your shipment box right

Sending a 20″ square box for a pair of shoes because it’s what you have in the warehouse is not the right choice. First, money is being wasted on paying for that extra size with your shipping carrier and now extra box filler material is needed (also seen as waste in the eyes of your customer).

Let’s also not forget about the expectations of your customer. They made a purchase and they are excited to receive it. They get a huge box at their front door (who doesn’t love big gifts?) only to be let down when they open this box and find what seems like a tiny present in comparison. You built up expectations and then knocked them down all in just a few minutes.

3. Make Their First View Memorable

Following our first tip, less is more. That means, anything that doesn’t have a true purpose or adds to the experience, leave it out.

Think about different needs of your customer and build content and pieces around that and then optimize.

When they first open their package, know what you want them to see or think right away. What message or image do you want to use to set the tone for the rest of their unpacking experience? If your brand has a humorous tone, have a card or message on your package about how long your package has been waiting for this day. Getting shipped across the country is a hot and abusive journey for anyone let alone your product. Think about that journey and have fun with it in your messaging.

product packaging - bombas box

We’ve talked about having a high quality product packaging, but think of smaller pieces in fun form factors to welcome your new customer to the family, provide a short and visual (while being on point with your branding) outline of your company, how your products are made, or where the materials are sourced from. Again, customers want to build a connection to a brand and if they don’t, they’ll search for one that does. Explain what makes your products or process of creating them unique.

4. Tell Your Story Through Your Customers Eyes

From the outside, a Dyson vacuum is just another vacuum, albeit a very expensive vacuum. Yet, they do a fantastic job of explaining their motor technology, all of the prototypes they go through to create the very best vacuum, and tastefully talk about the founders expertise background and journey to create the Dyson’s of today. You’re customers don’t know what they don’t know. It’s possible they learned about you through your website but there’s a chance they were led from an ad to your product to checkout. Reinforce what makes your product and company so exciting and unique. Just remember, keep it visual and short while always looking through the eyes of your customers. No one will want to read a pamphlet on how amazing you think you are. That’s a turn off and something that is destined for the trash.

5. Make Assembly Easier and Visual

Does your product require assembly? How intuitive is it to use? Regardless of how simple or complex your products are, give guidance and tips on how to get the most of your products. This is a great educational piece that keeps the customer interacting with their unboxing experience, serves a purpose, and is another way to show how you think and care about them. Do you have a place for more videos or more information how to use your products, direct them there with an easy to type URL.

6. Don’t Avoid The Return Process

It’s the worst case scenario, they want to return their order. Take this as an opportunity. How easy can you make this process for them? The basics are to include a return shipping label. Include the steps on how to easily make a return and really focus on how much your company cares about them. You want them to only have the best experience and products. It’s what you and your team think about everyday in your search for sourcing for the very best materials and artisans to produce your products. Let the customer know what drives you and what drives you is giving your customers the very best possible product and experience. It might be all that’s needed for them to try another product of yours.

In Conclusion

There are endless ways to optimize and improve your store’s revenue, just make sure you are prioritizing that final step when your customer receives their order. Up to this point, everything has been digital and non-tangible. Today, they receive their order and for the first time, they get to physically hold and experience your products. Make it memorable, make it fun, and like anything, continuously ask for feedback and adjust to make every customer a repeat customer. Remember, customer retention is a more affordable course of action than new customer acquisition.

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