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Exit Intent Popups – A Must for Your Store

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We all want our eCommerce stores to convert more. We want it so badly that we spend hours scouring the internet looking for tips, downloading e-books, and signing up for digital courses to find that missing ingredient that will make a difference in sales.

Does this sound like you? I’m happy to save you some time today and give you the inside not so inside secret to generating more sales. Exit intent popups.

What are exit intent popups?

Have you ever visited an eCommerce store or content site and just as you move to close the tab, you see a popup offering a coupon? That is an exit intent popup.

About 98% of your visitors won’t buy from you on their first visit but that doesn’t mean they never will. Exit intent popups serve as a way to entice that visitor to buy with a coupon or at least give you their email address for a coupon or valuable content.

Most stores can see a 5-10% increase in sales just by utilizing exit intent popups.

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Give your visitors a reason to act

Okay so they make complete sense. Next step? Plan your messaging and content. Just like with everything when marketing, your messaging and presentation is key.

You will need to ask, what are your goals for the type of products you sell? Do you sell affordable high volume products that are usually bought on a whim? Then a pop offering a coupon could be the most effective.

Do you sell a product that is higher priced and typically is heavily researched by your shoppers? Offer them some valuable information or tips on how to pick the best product or how to get the most out of it. Ultimately, you want to understand why your visitors may be leaving and not purchasing. Are they price shopping or trying to learn more about your products features? Tailor your offering to that. In either case, you want to collect their email address. We’ll explain more about this shortly.

Exit intent pop examples

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exit intent popup ads

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Use popups wisely

Popups are a sensitive subject. Mainly because they can be heavily overused. Most popup creation services will give you some different targeting options.

The main takeaway is to think about your visitor, understand when and why they are leaving, and then offer them a reason to stay or at least get more information from you.

Nurture those new emails

You’ve added your exit intent popup. Awesome. You should see some conversion start to happen after that (if not, give it some time but then try adjusting your offer). The real magic happens now that you have their email address. If you promised them a coupon, set up email automation to deliver that to them right away. Don’t make them wait.

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Now you’ll want to start building a welcome series of emails. Again know your audience, but if this is going to be a longer process to get them to purchase, deliver a sequence of emails spread out of a few days or weeks to educate them.

Explain why your product is as great as it is. How much time and energy went into making it just right. Make your customer feel like it was designed just for them because it’s solving a problem they are experiencing.

They might be worried about if the product will be supported or how exactly to use it. Create emails talking about your awesome warranty and include some testimonials about your service. Send an email giving tips on how to get the most out of your product.

Deliver all of this useful information and then remind them about a great offer or discount you have going on.

This will not only generate more sales, it will start to build loyal customers that will advocate your brand.

That 5-10% increase we mentioned you can gain from having an exit intent popup just doubled or tripled by nurturing these new interested customers through email marketing.

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