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All Things NEW in Google Ads for 2022

all things new in google ads for 2022, Web Development Rockford, PPC Management

I wish I had someone give me summaries like I’m giving you all, but hey that’s what I’m here for, right? Someone’s gotta’ do it and lucky for you, I love this stuff! So, I have compiled all my research, keynotes, and announcements from Google over the last year, and am summarizing the most important takeaways below. Enjoy!

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We all have our pet peeves, and this is one of mine. So, just as a friendly reminder, it’s no longer called “Google AdWords” as Google shortened it to “Google Ads” some time ago. Moving on!

Google Marketing Livestream Keynote

Here’s Google’s summary for their Google Marketing Livestream 2021, and my notes from this session are below:

Prepare for a future without cookies

Google is transitioning to 1st party cookies rather than 3rd party as our digital advertising world gets more and more strict on privacy and data tracking.

Quick explanation of the difference between 1st and 3rd party cookies: 1st Party Cookies are created by the domain and 3rd Party Cookies are non-domain created. These cookies do the same thing, but differ in how they do it.

Google says that a “privacy-safe, ad funded internet is possible” and they bulleted the ways how we can transition to a world without cookies:

Google’s solution to this transition is going to be their privacy sandbox. However, this greatly benefits Google because it essentially drives people to use more Google products, like Google Chrome.

NEW in Google Ads

Here’s a quick view at the new features coming to Google Ads and some that are already in beta:

How To Best Advertise Using 1st Party Cookies

If you’d like to dive deeper into Google’s transition from 3rd Party Cookies to 1st Party Cookies, here are my takeaways on Google’s explanation on both set-up and use:

Set Up


Google Ads Updates for 2022

Expanded Text Ads are going away. I repeat, EXPANDED TEXT ADS are going away in June of 2022!

If you don’t already have Responsive Search Ads going (tisk tisk) then start building them…now!

this is not a drill

I hope that wasn’t too subtle.

Alright, team! That’s my breakdown for the year. I hope you got some good info, but if you have any questions or want to add to my summary, please feel free to reach out. We’re reachable all over: contact form, call, social, you name it…

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