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3 Ways to Incorporate Video On Your Product Page

Photography - Incorporate Video On Your Product Page

There are a number of key elements that your product page should have to greatly impact it’s conversion rate. Video is one of those key elements and with each passing day, it becomes more important to your visitors which means it should be a high priority for you. Video creation and consumption is growing at an incredible rate (by 2021, video will represent 82% of all online traffic) and it is heavily impacting consumer habits.

It’s not just that your consumers are watching more videos than ever with no signs of slowing down, it’s the fact that it’s changing their expectations and ways of consuming information. They are craving more videos. Studies have shown that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

In this article, we are going to go through 3 ways to add video content to your eCommerce product page to increase sales.

1. Product Showcase

When a customer watches a product video, that makes them 1.9 times more likely to complete the online purchase compared to those who do not watch a video. That alone could almost double your conversion rate. Video also has another benefit. When your customer knows exactly what they are getting before they place their order, you’ll likely see a decrease in the return rate.

Unboxing Videos

Think like your customer and know what they are watching. It’s well known how popular unboxing videos are. Customers don’t want to be surprised, they want to know what they are buying and how they are going to receive it. Create a video showing the shipping box the customer will receive and walk them through opening the box and unboxing the product and accessories.

If your product is popular enough that there are videos of other people unboxing and reviewing it, cut out the extra work for your customer and include a product unboxing video right on your product page. Don’t give them the chance to look for your video, come across a competitor video and potentially lose that sale.

How To Use Videos

90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions (Forbes).

It’s important to not leave your customers guessing how exactly your product works how how they’ll use it once they receive it. Any point of uncertainty will lead to a drop off in customers completing their purchase. Depending on your product, industry, and type of customer, that drop off rate can be alarmingly high. Going through your product features is important but so is the way you present that information in your videos. Avoid just talking through the product features and points. Show them how to use it in a situation that the customer would be using it in. If your product repairs flat tires for motorcycles, show them a motorcycle with a flat tire and how to use your product.

Here is part of a how-to series video we shot for a client of ours:

2. Build Trust

Building trust with your customer has always been important. Customer reviews are a great way to build that trust. Incorporating customer testimonial and review videos can be the gold standard for building trust with your customers. Make it easy for your customers to submit video testimonials or incorporate a process to encourage and receive those within your post-purchase email automation sequence.

You can also utilize partnership and influencers to reach a new audience off your website will getting a product review video right on your product page. The ol’ two birds with one stone scenario. Here is a review video Native Union utilizes:

3. Brand Story

Who customers purchase from can be just as important as what they purchase. Utilizing video to show your team, story, and purpose can be a powerful driver to connecting with your visitors and converting them into a customer. With many of the eCommerce clients we’ve partnered with, they typically have started their company and created innovative products and services through a need or problem that arose in their life. In these scenarios, there’s typically a lot of passion behind the products and process. Showing the care and drive to solve a need that fuels your company is a powerful way to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Brand story videos can be as simple as shooting a video with your phone or utilizing a video production company to make it dynamic and more polished. Either way, telling your customers who you are and why you make the products you do is a powerful addition to your product page.


All of these additions to your product page will reduce uncertainty from the customer, increase trust in your brand and product, and help keep users on your website longer and also keep them more engaged. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018). The more time customers can spend with your brand in a positive way, the better the chance of a purchase.

Now’s the time to start planning how to incorporate video on your product pages to increase sales.

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