Passion Project: Eco Cartridge Case

Picture this. It’s the year 2000, the 11-year old me has discovered for the first time the wonderful game of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It doesn’t take long for me to be absorbed into it, and between sweaty hands, panicked screaming, and explosive rejoicing, my love for the game grew. Throughout the … Continued

How Is Eco Changing the Design Industry?

The creation of plastic was with noble intent. To save millions of elephants from being slaughtered for their ivory to be turned into balls to cater to the exploding population of billiard, John Wesley Hyatt invented the first polymer. This invention paved the way for plastics and gave birth to the notorious single-use plastic that … Continued

Will Improving your Product Description Really Reduce Returns?

The meme “What you ordered VS What you got” is pretty hilarious if it doesn’t happen to you. People all over the planet have had the unfortunate experience of seeing something they like online, only to receive something absolutely different after ordering. While this may be a very extreme situation where some businesses are being … Continued

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