How Your Brand Can Become Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly, eco-conscious, earth-friendly, recyclable, compostable. You’ve probably seen one or all of these words often in the last 3 years or so. But what do all of these mean and why is it so important? Today’s group of humans have become very aware of the damage that has been caused in relation to our planet. … Continued

Don’t Leave Your Mobile View Behind

The Smartphone. Man’s best friend in 2019. No one leaves their home without it. We use it for ordering presents, seeing what our friends and family are up to, getting fit and tracking our calorie consumption. Our smartphones provide us the ability to navigate to our destination or find the answers to most of our … Continued

Adobe Photoshop CC Proportion Update for Graphic Designers

A graphic designer’s nightmare, or maybe delight, is when a new software update comes out. This particular update comes for users of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud Proportion Update for Graphic Designers Adobe rolled out a new change for Photoshop CC’s transformation tool. When resizing pre-Adobe change, you would need to hold Shift down … Continued