How an SEO expert survives the holidays.

SEO is like New York City. It never sleeps. So, how does an SEO expert survive the holidays? Preparation! Preparation is easy to say, but if you’re like me…I need a checklist when someone gives advice. What prep? So, here’s my detailed explanation on how you should prepare for the holidays, or whenever your offices … Continued

How to Identify your Target Market and Why it Matters

Identifying your target market may seem like a simple enough task, but there is an entire rabbit hole of data to go down to make sure you’re doing this properly. Luckily for you, I have broken that down for you below. Analyze your current users. Already have a business up and running? Great. Your first … Continued

Google Ads Removes Avg. Position Column

It’s no surprise when Google makes a sudden change in one of their platforms because it happens all the time. This change, however, has me asking bigger questions behind the ‘Why?’ and what that could mean not just for Google Ads, but for rankings in the Google search results.   Average position sunset begins the … Continued